The return of the Turban

Elizabeth Taylor and Twiggy rocked the turban during the late 60’s and early 70’s, and now Giorgio Armani and Prada are one of the many few that have once again introduced it back with a twist. Although, today’s turban has been styled with neon swimsuits, we hijaabi’s know otherwise. The turban is a great alternative from scarves, and now come in a variety of bright colors and textures. If you’re one to experiment this new trend, pair your turban with a printed scarf around your neck to keep your style hijaabi friendly.




  1. I have a turban and i would love to learn how i could make my scarf like a turban..I guess i have to ask you to teach me one of this day yeah..

    1. Hey Alexa, there’s a section on the blog called ‘Watch Us’. My sis does a turban tutorial. Its really easy! Try it out and let me know your feedback ! And pics!

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