A fashionably inspiring Muslimah

Over the past couple of months I’ve been seriously dabbling on creating my own fashion line, as let’s face it, us hijaabi’s have it much harder than the rest when it comes to shopping. The constant process of not finding the right cardigan for those quarter length sleeves can be frustrating. The worse is when you’ve got a formal event to attend to – finding the right textured jacket/cardigan for that evening dress can be even more daunting! So I started researching online to see what the market had for us Muslimahs, and came across a half British/Japanese revert called Hana Tajima Simpson. She’s one of the founders of Maysaa, an online portal for fashion forward Islamic clothing. Its been up and running for the past 2 years now and has become a major hit.

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Interestingly enough, she actually models a lot of her own designs. She’s also got her own blog called stylecovered.com that’s filled with her video tutorials on the various methods she uses to style her hijaab and much much more. Although the online store Maysaa offers free shipping within the UK, they do ship to the UAE within 3 days for only £19 ! Absolutely amazing – there’s a maxi dress that I can’t wait to get my hand’s on !



  1. Masuma Tijerino

    this chick is amazing ive seen her stuff online too n love it 🙂

  2. thanks ! this is still a working progress but thanks for all the support

  3. WOW!! so inspiring seeing Muslim women being so successful and so creative and actually doing something about it.
    I seriously cant wait for you to start your OWN fashion label because I know I will be the FIRST customer.
    You have an eye for fashion and style, pls get started ASAP!!!!

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