2009 – The year a frenchman entered into fashion politics

2009 - The year a frenchman entered into fashion politics
Ok, I don’t wear the niqaab, with that being said, I think it takes a lot of guts to wear it, but then again, I guess that’s what non hijaabi’s may think of me ! It seems that men have always felt unconsciously that they hold the rights of dictatorship on what a woman should and should not wear, regardless of their religion and creed. Whether its Sarkozy banning the niqaab in France, or the Taliban enforcing it in Afghanistan, a woman’s choice of clothing should be of her own will.
Every woman wants to be accepted and appreciated for her personal achievements, whether she’s based on Wall Street, or in the kitchen cooking meals for her family. They say “clothes don’t make a man” but clearly that doesn’t apply for women.


  1. Masuma Tijerino

    very touchy subject- being a hijabi i do not feel the niqaab is necessary- others may choose to disagree which they have every right to, Hijab not only means cover if the hair but being modest, being modost in clothing, jewls,make up etc i say this to myself first… theres a lot to learn from the diff roles of a lady & the crazy thing is Allah already elevated the status of the women more then any company can do, any father can do, brother even husband… the significance if a women is heavily defined in the Quran but it works hand in hand wih men too- a women is never better then man, nor a man better the women ISLAM teaches equality something we fail to b taught or to even teach.

  2. true..the niqaab is a “touchy” subject because the media has portrayed it as a sign of oppression. What a lot of people don’t realize, is that it’s up to a person’s individual will and rights. Nothing should be enforced, whether its the chador like burqa in the East, or the niqaab in the West. These women that do wear it esp in countries like Belgium, France, Netherlands, obviously do it on their own accord. It’s unfair in countries like Turkey where women can’t even wear the hijaab in universities ! It’s considered the norm for such countries to have nude beaches, but an extra piece of clothing is “offensive” and “dangerous” !!!

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