Bikini Cladded – I think not

Why is the hijaab for Muslim women frowned upon and looked as a sign of oppression from a western view point – yet catholic/orthodox/christian nuns are smiled upon and seen as a sign of reverence to their beliefs?

Bikini Cladded - I think not



  1. Masuma Tijerino

    They the women of the religions looked as pious as can be which means when we look of them we think of Allah swt. Now the veil has lifted and the more flesh we see the better our modern thinking is… bring 2011 take away religion and you get Nothing wrong if any women regardless of their background choose not to be sexual object- bring it to the western world and they say hey you- the lady all covered up- take that off, let me see ur flesh no need to hide it from me… i like it! but we women our generation walked both sides of the fence and i prefer being covered… best thing ever that came knocking on my door. Im glad to look like Mary then to look like a cast out of jersey shore (obv going two extremes there)

  2. Taz

    Good question..I’m thinking because nuns are a minority and aren’t a threat to modern ideologies. The hijab however is far more mainstream — it’s a symbol of faith that secularists detest seeing absolutely everywhere.

  3. Mira Bassam

    Hello, first timer here 🙂 I have to agree with Taz. The West is so fearful of Islam (specially due to the biased propaganda seen on the media), so anything that comes from it is automatically criticised.
    Also, I think women in the West are soooo expected to be “sexy” “beautiful” “confident”, (blablabla) and to be all those things…guess what? you have to be half naked???:0 Most people haven’t realised yet that to be a confident and beautiful woman you don’t need to show your cleavige or show how long and lean your legs are!hahaha

    Christian women back in the days used to veil also (at all hours), and in my country most old women still veil themselves before entering the church, it’s a sign of RESPECT. And you cannot go to church in sleeves and shorts, you cannot show any skin!
    Why this is not seen as the same with Muslim women?? Completely biased if you ask me.
    I love you blog btw!!

    1. Hi Mira, welcomes u ! I was inspired to put a post up like that not only because of how much the Western media focuses on women that cover, but also the ignorance that a lot of catholic or christian women have on the concept of being covered and modest. Half my family is Roman Catholic and are from the Philippines. And even though they attend mass and are very religious, they’re constantly asking us why we wear what we wear but never blink an eye to the nuns that roam the streets and churches.

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