You know you’re a hijaabi when…

You know you’re a hijaabi when you’ve been asked these questions at least once:

1) Do you sleep with it on ?

2) Do you shampoo you’re hair?

3) So do you save on hair products ?!!!

4) Are you bald ?

5) Does your dad, brother, husband, some unknown male relative, force you to wear it ?

6) Do you have to walk around with it at home ?

7) Are you allowed to date ?

8) Why do you wear it, but my Muslim friend… doesn’t wear it ?

9) Are you Muslim?

You know you’re a hijaabi when:

1) You check out other hijaabi’s

2) Other hijaabi’s check you out

3) You start checking out the bruva’s with beards or any form of facial hair !

4) You get excited when you hear that there’s an Islamic convention/exhibition coming to your town/city

5) You’ve asked your friend where she got her hijaab from

6) Your friends have asked you where you got your hijaab from

7) It’s taken you hours to find the right hijaab to match that one outfit

8) Your hijaab collection takes up a few drawers or half of your closet

9) You mentally start freaking out if a few strands of hair show

10) Windy days are your worst nightmare

11) You don’t need a mirror to fix your hijaab

12) You’ve poked yourself at least once in the head with a bobby pin

13) You’ve had headaches for putting your hijaab on too tight

14) You rip it off the second you get home

15) You look like you’ve got a flat head after you’ve removed it

16) Everyone looks like a hijaabi to you in winter

17) You take the longest in the changing room

18) You don’t care if the hairdresser is gay – he still has a….

19) Some white chick has stared at you for the past 10mins without blinking

20) You’ve scared some white chick by just walking, talking, shopping, eating,sipping coffee, breathing

21) You find the most amazing top but it’s too short

22) A long bearded dude/niqabi chick have given you dirty looks for bopping your head to the music in your car

23) If  you duck or run behind a door if an unexpected male member walks into a room unannounced



  1. Random Thinker

    This is so true. Every single one.

  2. abeer

    hahah some are hilariously true!

  3. Oh, I can relate to so many of these! (I’m new on wordpress and just found you blog, btw. I promise I won’t be commenting on every post. I just HAD to voice up on this one 😀 ) The only negative I wanna say here is that I don’t think #22 has much relevance to being a hijabi or not. But it’s your list, so whatever 🙂

    1. Lol !!! keep commenting, there are no limits on this forum ! #22 – just one of the many scenarios me and my friends have experienced during our ‘car escapades’ ! 😛

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