What way is the right way ?!?

Ok, first off before I even start this article, I believe that every one has a personal relationship with God and no one, NO ONE, has the right to judge you. Our weakest point as human beings, is the ability to point out another individual’s flaws almost instantly – we do ‘judge a book by its cover’ before we even open it. No one is perfect and before your tongue starts swaging with criticism and complaint, look and judge yourself first !

I put on the hijaab for many reasons – one being, that I wanted to feel and be closer to my Creator. And with that, I wanted to cleanse and purify my lifestyle and putting the hijaab on, was one of the ways of getting right on track. For those that may or may not know, the hijaab, doesn’t just mean an extra piece of clothing on your head – it’s a lifestyle and it’s definitely an attitude. It’s about incorporating a sense of modesty in your every day routine. My closet has gone through many transformations of its own. It’s filled with cardigans in various colors and textures for all those quarter length sleeved tops and dresses. I always scrutinize myself right before I leave the house to make sure I’m adhering to the principles of the “hijaab”. If your creative enough, you know that there are millions of ways of looking cool and sassy yet “islamically respectable” or “acceptable” – whichever way you look at it.

So what I really don’t get, is when I see a hijaabi walking around in tight skinny jeans, and a top so fitted, you know what her bra size is !? or worse, you can see what color it is !!!! It really defeats the purpose. Just take it off because honestly you’re just attracting more attention to yourself ! On my trips to London, what amazed me were the majority of hijaabi’s that walked around in half sleeved shirts ?! Like helloooo, your whole arm is out there for show, do you really think it matters that your covering your hair !?

In the beginning, I thought that women that wore the abaya only did it for Islamic purposes, but when you live in Dubai, you know that that’s not always the case. The malls are filled with abaya clad chicks, only to notice that their highlighted bangs are all out, the brightest neon lipstick colors are painted on – the louder, the better- a trail of heavy-scented perfume follows their every step, and of course before I forget to mention, (I cringe every time I see this) the ‘hump’ on the head( the higher, the cooler you seem to be). So, note to oneself, this is not someone who is looking to be modest. They have that abaya on fully detailed & crystalized because to them it’s more culture than religion. And it’s important that if you don’t know otherwise, that you may differentiate between the two.

Seriously !




  1. abeer

    Second that! nicely written

  2. Mai

    First all I love your blog this is a great way to spread and educate people the purpose of the hijaab. My only thing is that you mentioned that only God judges you and to judge yourself first before you say anything, i feel that you have contradicted yourself by saying that you don’t understand why these girls are wearing skinny jeans and short sleeve shirts?? i know that we all may think that, including myself, but remember as you said only god can judge you for your actions.


    1. Hi Mai, glad you like the blog. The core principle of the hijaab is modesty, and one that wears it for other purposes are clearly doing it for tradition, culture, or maybe forced to do so because of their parents etc. If you really are a ‘mothajaba’ and you’re walking around in half sleeved shirts clearly, you’ve been misinformed on the manner on how it should be worn and need to be educated on it. This is a forum for those who do wear it, for those that don’t, and for those that may want to in the future. Am I judging them ? Oh God, no! On the contrary Im just trying to give in some insight on the manner of how it needs to be carried.

  3. Assalamu alaykum. A wonderful post. When I first reverted, hijab was just a piece of cloth on my head (and one I could barely get on right sometimes, lol) though some of that was due to the fact a revert seldom has an Islamically acceptable wardrobe at the ready the day of their shahada! But over the pat year (I reverted just over a year ago in November 2010) I’ve learned more about what hijab really is, that it’s not just the head scarf, and slowly have been changing my wardrobe. Some attitudes and mannerisms of mine have changed as well to put myself more in “hijab” but masha Allah this doe snot take away from my quirky personality! I do my best not to judge other “hijabis” that don’t cover as much or wear tight clothes but it does make me wonder if they know why they are wearing it.

    1. Wa Alaikum Asssalam, mashallah on ur ‘reversion’ to Islam. It is def quite tricky in the beginning, but over time you begin to get more comfortable in your own ‘hijaab’. Everything is a learning process and as long as we can keep on open mind, we can keep on trying to perfect our deen. At the end of it all, it’s a personal relationship between you and God, and its your intention that counts most, and Allah knows best.

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