Changing beliefs

Since 9/11, Islam and its followers have been scrutinized under a microscope whether for positive or negative reasons (mostly the latter part), by the West and the media all over. In fact, over the past 5 years or so, Muslim women in particular have come under fire for their choice of clothing. Many endless debates emerged between Muslim women debating on the pro’s and cons of the hijaab. Muslim women that didn’t wear the hijaab claimed that it wasn’t mandatory  and unnecessary while women in niqaabs (face veil) had to persuade, and explain their reasons for wearing it. 

Looking over fashion trends and styles for the past years, it seems that Islam has also left a footprint in the world of fashion. Turbans made a major fashion comeback last year, and is still going very strong. And even though Sarkozy may have stopped women from wearing the niqaab in France, that hasn’t stopped a majority of French designers taking inspiration from it.
Here is a compilation of  a few of my favorite images that portray, Islamic fashion or inspiration to the runway and covers of Vogue.

Turban inspired Advertisement by United Colors of Benetton

Oriental fashion for Vogue

Arabian inspired - the burqa with a twist - by Givenchy Fall 2009

Givenchy couture runway Fall 2009

Givenchy Menswear SS2010

Yigal Azrouel

TSE- fashion design label

TSE NYFW Fall 2007

Missoni for Vogue Paris 2009

Vogue Italia 2009


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