Taking the 1st step

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If you’ve never worn the hijaab before, and have been contemplating it for a while, the 1st step might seem quite daunting, even a bit intimidating. I won’t lie to you and say it isn’t. It is ! But there’s nothing more powering than being a walking billboard for what you believe in. To the average nobody, that scarf might seem like an extra piece of cloth on your head. In reality, that cloth on your head, is almost the least significant thing. Because putting on the hijaab, and forsaking your beauty – your hair, the shape of your hips, the curve of your waist – means that you’ve stepped up your “imaan” game. It’s no longer about you, its about HIM -Allah (SWT). And to me, there’s nothing more beautiful, than a woman veiling herself to be closer to her Creator.

Some people might mock you and say, ‘Hey, how does a hijaab make you a better Muslimah?” Truthfully though, it’s not the hijaab that makes you better than other Muslim women, it’s the “intention” that goes behind it ! Putting on the hijaab is a lifestyle, not a fashion choice. Protecting your ‘awrah’ helps to keep you away from temptation, harm, and sin,more than anything the Qur’aan and Sunnah have stressed on the ‘believing women’ to cover themselves. Wearing that scarf is a stamp on your forehead that you are a Muslim woman and there’s no denying that – if your wearing it right.

Yes, if your in a place where Muslims are a minority, you will stick out like a sore thumb. But I believe in being an ‘independent’ individual, and that to me, means not depending on what other people think or say. I received a lot of flack when I first put on the hijaab. Even though I live in a Muslim country, my industry; the make-up industry, isn’t really a place filled with hijaabi’s. The amazing thing was, that after I put on the hijaab, at least 3 other make-up artists that worked with me, started to don the hijaab. One of my colleagues, a senior gay artist, sarcastically asked me if I was trying to ‘convert’ everyone. I calmly replied, that if I was gay, I wouldn’t be questioned once about my identity, but somehow, being proud of my ‘muslim’ identity was causing such a stir. That’s just plain and simple hypocrisy.

Your perspective on life changes when you wear a ‘hijaab’, because everyone else’s perspective changes when they’ll see you in it. You might loose certain friends, but the ones that you do gain are ones that are on the same track of life as you. I remember being in NYC for the 1st time as a hijaabi, and took the ferry to see the statue of liberty. At the ferry terminal, there was a bookstore, so I went in to look at some magazines before the ferry came back. I could hear knocking on the side of the glass, and as I looked up, two Asian men were knocking on the glass with the biggest smiles ever, trying to shout out Assalam Alaikum. I was stunned, and so touched. Yes, I’ve gotten a few stares on my trips to Europe and the States, even a few people mean mugging me, but it’ll never compare to the amount of people that have come up to me to greet me salaams, or the ‘Mashallahs’ I’ve heard when I enter their stores, or the sweet smiles from other hijaabis . We are a relief to the eyes of the Ummah.

Remember, all it takes is that 1st step, and the rest Allah will guide you to it.



  1. Meaghan

    Thank you for this. I am a convert/revert and am hoping to start wearing hijab soon, insha’Allah. I live in Canada so will definitely be in the minority… it is a nervewracking decision.

  2. Hi Meaghan, Mashallah on your conversion to Islam. I hope this article was able to give you some form of relief and support in the journey that your about to make. Have faith that God will guide you through your obstacles. Im sure turning to Islam was one of the biggest, and putting the hijaab will just confirm your faith and dedication to the path that you’ve just taken. Know that your not alone and that there are many others like you that are intimidated by taking the 1st step. Inshallah everything else will flow naturally.

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