ArtDubai 2012 in Madinat Jumeirah

There were some amazing pieces of work @ ArtDubai. I was particularly interested in the following pieces that either focused on the role of women in society, the hijaab, and Islamic calligraphy.

Between the Lines

This was by Mounir Fatmi, called “Between the Lines” on a Blade of Steel !

These were by Artist, Almagul Menlibayeva, a Kazakhstan-born artist, that splits her time between Berlin and Kazakhstan. I loved the picturesque beauty of this country infused with its historic Islamic influences, and the portrayal of these women and their impact on their surroundings.

Egyptian Surrealism

Bad Hejab

Bad Hejab by Iranian Artist Ramin Haerizadeh

I loved this photograph by an Iranian artist – unfortunately I didn’t take note of the artist, and it’s one of my favorite pics ! There’s something about her expression, it’s an innocent version of “don’t mess with me”, or maybe its the contrast of her black attire and the oversized red boxing gloves that couldn’t keep me away  !

A tribute to the war in Iraq by Zena Al Khalil

Indonesian Artist Mella Jaarsma using embroidered emblems to create a burqa style outfit

Ka’bah by Wimo Ambala Bayang, another Indonesian Artist

This is the last of my favorite’s !!! Unfortunately I didn’t get the artist’s name…but I love the intricate detail in this entire piece. Can’t imagine how long it must have taken the artist to complete it ! Mashallah beautifully done !


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