Turkish Delights

I recently went on a 3 day trip to Istanbul to check out business ventures for my hijaabi line. I’ll be posting the hijaabs for sale within a week or so as soon as I figure out the logistics part – wish me luck!

Here’s some visual inspiration from Turkey from the jewelry to the streets, clothes…aah, a beautiful city that needs to be revisited over and over again.

The two Z's

Shot with my best friend Zahra, straight from the hotel off to the metro to explore the streets of Taksim for some heavily needed retail therapy

Doesn’t get cooler than this. This is what the streets of Taksim are about – a mix of the old with the new

Grand Bazaar

Beautiful Turkish jewelry for all to see @ the infamous Grand Bazaar

Arabic calligraphy

Beautiful Arabic Calligraphy on gold-plated bracelets

More rings

Can’t get enough !!!!

Quranic verses on necklaces

Ma'shallah inscribed on a ring

Otantik Restaurant

Authentic Anatolian food from Otantik Restaurant in Taksim

Famous Hijabi Line ARMINE

Interesting store with hijaabi friendly clothing – slightly over priced though for basics. Nonetheless good to know there are options readily available for hijaabi’s out there.

Hijaabi caps and turbans galore !

TUGBA fashion

Another really cool hijaabi label called TUGBA. They have a great range of long maxi skirts and dresses for formal events.

ALA Magazine

Turkish Muslim Magazine, ALA, for matters relating to Fashion, Islam,  upcoming events and designers.

inserts of the latest ALA magazine

Color blocking

Rainy silhouette of Istanbul's street signs



  1. Madiha

    I have been dying to buy this jewellery from Istanbul but was never able to find it do you know an exact location or a shop that you could refer me to.
    Thankyou so much
    Love your blog!

    1. Hi Madiha !
      Sorry this was a while back but it was definitely within the Grand bazaar. Hope you get lucky next time !

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