Trial run on Capsters hijaab

I am totally overdue on writing my review on the Capster’s hijaab but I’ve been too busy using it when I hit the gym that I haven’t had much time to write about it ! 😛

Anyways, I was totally overwhelmed when the product designer of the brand, Cindy van den Bremen, emailed me when I had written an earlier post on hijaab and sports. Lucky for me I was able to pick out a style of my choice and color to do a test run. I opted for the RUNNER  in black and grey, and I actually went for a jog at my local park and also at the gym. For those that don’t know, living in Dubai comes with certain extreme weather conditions – burning heat with sprinkles of humidity – not fun!

Well, considering the circumstances, the Runner hijaab did pretty well, I didn’t feel claustrophobic wearing it as the material was quite lightweight and the great thing is that DRI-FIT material has been used. So even if you’re soaking in sweat it helps in rapid evaporation of moisture on top of the skin, so no matter what you don’t feel drenched. However, I did feel that it was slightly short from the front. Maybe this was designed accordingly due to sports regulations but I could only wear it with a high collared shirt. I would suggest that there should be an option of a longer front, as many sporty tops are V-necks and a high possibility of some skin showing through.

Asides from that, this is a definite must-have product for women that actively enjoy their sports in outdoor areas or mixed gyms. Now only if I could find a burkini that isn’t so daunting !



  1. Dear Zhijaab, thank you for your review and good to hear you’re using and enjoying the benefits of our Capsters Runner! The comment on the short front is taken into account for future production. We’ve received that feedback and will lengthen the total Capsters Runner in our next production… coming up soon! Kind regards Cindy van den Bremen, designer of Capsters

    1. Great!!! Can’t wait for the new pieces to come out

  2. Salaam.. I have the exact capsters runner as yours. However I havent test it yet, need to try it before wearing it for my next half marathon on 27th may.. looking forward for the longer version.

    1. Wow! Have a great run on the 27th. Try it out and pass your feedback on it as well.

  3. Dear Zhijaab, great news: hopefully next week available again at our Capsters Runner Xtra Long (we are already sold out) in 2 colors: solid black and black/grey!
    Kind regards,
    Cindy, designer Capsters

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