Al Khayalee Boutique Opening

For a majority of the Emirati community within the UAE, Al Khayalee is synonymous with high scale weddings, bespoke packaging, flower arrangements and even creative gift wrapping options. Although they’ve been operating since 2005 they recently opened their own boutique on Sheikh Zayed Road, right next to the BMW showroom. The concept behind Al Khayalee is to bring the personalization process for that special event or day to a whole new level.

My friend Naheed and I, attended their opening and was amazed at the intricacies of their gift items, from their tea cups, afternoon tea stands, and flower display arrangements.

There were mini tidbits of sweets, macaroons, pastries being served around from Galleries La Fayette. YUM !!!

Intricate wooden designs on vases and tissues boxes

Detailed acrylic boxes

Another acrylic option for a more personalized look

A brightly infused treasure chest with flower arrangements

Gahwa cups #arabic coffee

Everything is just to the tee !

Love the Arabic Geometric designs used

You can customize your name and of your loved ones in these gift boxes

We were so in love with these tea pots

I can’t get over these tea pots !!!!! Customized in Chai and Gahwa lettering in Arabic

LoveLoveLove !!!! The colors just make it so much fun just to have around even as a decoration piece!


The infamous ‘Kha’

On the Red carpet :p

I AM….

For more info on turning that special day even more special, you can also find them on Twitter: @khayaleboutique and on Facebook :!/AlKhayaleeBoutique


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