My response to the Anti-Muslim film; Innocence of Muslims

There’s been an outcry of rage in Egypt and Tunisia over Sam Bacile’s movie called “The Innocence Of Muslims’. In Libya, the US embassies were attacked and 4 Americans were killed.

I’m going to quote Shaykh Omar Suleiman that said ” If we don’t get hurt when Allah (swt), the Messenger (saw), or any of the prophets (as) are insulted, then we have to check our Iman. If we are hurt, we need to seriously contemplate the proper course of action and find the best way to respond.”

For those that have seen the film, and call it a piece of art, well in all respect, my 7-year-old niece would’ve done a better job. The script is a pathetic attempt to denounce Muslims, the religion of Islam, and our Beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). If you haven’t seen the film, don’t bother yourself, it’s a complete waste of time and an insult to your intellect.

For all those Muslims that have reacted negatively by attacking those that are innocent, this is not the way of the Sunnah. This is not what Islam stands for. Yes, you have every right to be upset and insulted. But this is not the first time that Islam and the Prophet, have come under attack. If Islam was spread through violence, it wouldn’t have reached the hearts of so many, many of whom have been touched by the recitations and verses of the Qur’aan. Many of us Muslims have already disrespected  the Prophet and his Sunnah, by picking and choosing what we feel is relevant to our lives. How many of us can say that we pray on time or even pray ? How many of us hold our tongue in anger towards our women, children and loved ones ? How many of our men lower their gaze when women walk by ? You need to check yourself first, and look at where your deen is – and when I say YOU, I don’t exclude myself from that category either. Rape, theft, corruption, and substance abuse exists in Muslim countries. We are confusing non-Muslims because we are not united in our actions. We claim Islam is our religion, but are our actions Islamic ?

To all those that have watched the film and support it; just because your constitution supports ‘freedom of speech’ common sense should forbid you for attacking, insulting or abusing any race, culture or religious background. It is against every Muslim’s belief to attack any of the Prophets. We love and respect Prophet Musa (Moses) AS, and Prophet Isa (Jesus) AS, and that’s why you would never hear or see Muslims that make videos or songs that ridicule other religions.

You can hit me back and bring out Osama bin Laden and 9/11. I’ll respond now by saying Bin Laden was a cop-out, the Taliban and him, have destructed and terrorized the lives of more Muslims, than 9/11 ever had. They’re ideologies and actions are incoherent and against any of the teachings of Islam and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed(PBUH). Don’t stereotype a few crazies to an entire religion that compromises of different color, languages and backgrounds.


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