SaQueena ; Keeping it Unique

Hijab Sports & Swim wear

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting, Sarah Sillis, the Managing Director, Creator and Designer for SaQueena, a brand designed to cater to the needs of hijaabi women interested in swim and sports wear. SaQueena is a combination of the Arabic word ‘Sakeenah’; which means tranquility, and the word ‘Queen’. The name represents the philosophy of the brand of standing out like a queen, feeling beautiful and yet peacefully protected, all at the same time.Sarah started her journey into Islam when she was 16, living in Belgium, and decided to start wearing the hijaab when she moved to Dubai, a few years back. Like most hijaabi’s, she felt that the market was lacking in choice when it came to swimwear. Most Burkini designs available in stores were, according to Sarah,so generic, and almost unflattering in terms of colour choice, print and style. I totally agree, that’s why you’d probably never catch me in a burkini  !

The great thing about SaQueena is that it’s a brand designed for the user to customise and play with according to their ‘fashion’ needs. You can have a personal consultation with Sarah and mix and match the colours of the outfits according to your own personal preferences, so you can be absolutely certain, that your swimwear, is just as unique as you are ! This first collection of  SaQueena is based on abstract and geometrical designs, however you also have options to play with lace, for a more feminine touch.

It took Sarah over a year to work on this collection, which btw is all locally produced in the UAE. The philosophy behind SaQueena is about being unique, and with that all orders can be customised according to length and width, and takes around 8-10 days to be ready.  A full swim suit which includes the top, pants and the hijab with a customised headband can range anywhere from 455-485AED. You can also purchase each of the items separately as well.

So far SaQueena has been catering to women all over including Lebanon, Tunisia, Bahrain and Kuwait, to name a few, so don’t worry about where you’re based, as they do ship internationally.

For more info on SaQueena, you can follow them on twitter @saqueena1 or on FB as SaQueenaSportsWear

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