Reebonz – The online scoop for fashionista’s out there !

There’s nothing more amazing about shopping than getting an amazing deal, and that is exactly what Reebonz is about ! I stumbled upon it on Facebook that someone on my friend’s list had LIKED – FB and their privacy settings ! Oh well ! It’s an extremely user-friendly site, with the latest handbags and accessories to browse from , with unbelievable deals. They’ve got ‘One Day’ sales where bags like Prada, Gucci, Fendi can be  slashed by at least $300 from the actual retail price ! What more can a fashionista ask for !??? The website mentions delivery within 3 days, mine was less than a week though. I managed to get an extra discount when I checked out – I won’t ask why 😛 And best of all no shipping or customs charges !  Apparently the more friends you refer, the more they credit you.


Loving the box my goodies came in !

Loving the box my goodies came in !


So in Love !

So in Love !


My Kate Spade goodies

My Kate Spade goodies








  1. Ann

    You purcased it in

    1. Yes everything was bought at the Reebonz website.

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