Ezra @ Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward passes

I was really excited when I got my Fashion Forward passes – an event that could be considered as ‘Fashion Week’ for Dubai – but was later disappointed when I found out that I was working on most days. Luckily though, I was able to make it for the two biggest shows in my opinion; Ezra and Michael Cinco.

Ezra, once again, just blew the crowd away. For those that don’t know, Ezra is a Manila-born Designer, but has moved around the Middle East and finally decided to settle in Dubai. As a Make-up Artist that works very closely with Emirati women, I’m constantly asking them where they hunt their dresses for their lavish weddings, and Ezra, is a staple name amongst the Emirati community, particularly amongst brides. It’s one thing to watch your client wear one of his extravagant designs, but to see all his meticulous work and creativity all on one fashion ramp just blew me away !

The key colours for Ezra’s collection were shades of ivory, hues of cream and gold, black and he topped the show with his gowns in bold red.

Ezra at Fashion Forward 2013

Ezra gives us wings !

Ezra gives us wings !

Ezra at Fashion Forward

Bringing Back Black

Bringing Back Black

Ezra Fashion ForwardEzra Fashion Forward IMG_9555 IMG_9609 IMG_9619


The Wizard behind all this magic !

The Wizard behind all this magic !




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