Hijab Street Styling from Kuala Lumpur

This is going to be a completely new section to the blog, one that I’ve wanted to do for a while, and my very first participant is Ms. Farrah Abdullah from Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As our world revolves around social media, we actually got connected through Instagram and I totally loved her fashion style and wanted to represent it on my blog. Luckily for me, she was just as excited and willing to share her fashion and styling tips to hijanista’s out there ! 🙂

Farrah first started wearing the hijab when she was 13 and has been continuously playing around various styles based around comfort and trend. Her fashion style is best described as ‘international fusion’ which is heavily influenced by Arabian and Western trends. Farrah creates most of her own hijaabs by getting inspiration from high end designers as well as browsing through flea markets. Trips to textile markets and visits to tailors are part of her passion for experimentation and individuality when it comes to wearing the hijaab.

Her favorite stores are H&M, ZARA and Forever21, but you’ll also find her rummaging through local boutiques and street markets. Farrah’s main tip for wearing the hijaab is to play around with colors and the fabric of the hijaab. She believes that colors can compliment the wearer and stresses the importance on the texture of the fabric as it can make or break your look.

Hijab styles

hijab street style

hijab street styles

hijab style 2013

hijab street styling

I absolutely love Farrah’s custom made pleated skirts !!! What do you ladies think???
If you love her style just as much as I do, you can also follow her on instagram @farracheetah



  1. farrah

    OMGGG my dear, thanks so much for the post and featuring me here!!! This is indeed a pleasure and such an honored for me to share some ideas and tips for the hijabista out there. Thanks again!!!

    Farrah Abdullah

    1. Oh your most welcome !!!! Love your style Farrah so it’s great to be able to share it out there ! 🙂

  2. Love her skirts !!!
    She have beautiful style..
    Definitely I’ll follow her on instagram @farracheetah 🙂

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