What a Difference One Man Can Make – Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela LifeGood deeds will never be forgotten. Those that have stood up against aggressors and bullies will never be forgotten by the ones that were saved by persecution. For what you left behind, Nelson Mandela you will never be forgotten. In my teens, I had a journal filled with newspaper clippings of events or people who shouldn’t be forgotten. As I look back at it now, it was a journal that reminded me of humility and compassion. There were distraught images of famines in Africa, the war in Bosnia and news feeds on Nelson Mandela and his visits for Peace and Unity. I’ve always admired people who stood for something, a Cause, a Belief, and more so those that stood against Aggression and tyranny. And to me that man, is Nelson Mandela.

He fought for the most basic right that every individual should be entitled to : Freedom. The freedom to live, work, to play and study. Africans had no rights in their own country, and Mandela was the first to stand against that injustice. If more Africans thought, acted and believed the way Mandela did, Africa would be a SuperPower Continent. Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela. You deserve it.



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