Art & Feminine Spirituality

I just found these images on a random Tumblr post and just fell in love with this artist’s works. Naturally I just had to google her work and find out about her inspiration and the symbolism of her work. Most of her artistic works showcase the conditions of women and because most of the women in her works are veiled it just makes you stop and think ; what is the voice that she’s trying to give these women ?


Maïmouna Patrizia Guerresi is a photographer, sculptor, and video and installation artist. Her work originates from conceptual experimentations inspired by the 1970s Body Art. In 1991 Maïmouna travelled to various Muslim African countries and converted to Islam. This marked her new identify and the direction in her work, where she adopted the name Maïmouna, with recurring themes about multicultural symbolism and feminine spirituality.

More about Maïmouna can be found on her site :

tumblr_mn4sodYdu71rouua1o9_1280 tumblr_mn4sodYdu71rouua1o6_1280 Gentill al Walida - Maimouna Guerressi tumblr_mn4sodYdu71rouua1o3_400

Hope you all enjoyed her work as much as I did !


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