Rest in Peace Ami Schaheera

Inna Allah

I was quite shocked to find out that sister Ami Schaheera from Malaysia passed away last Wednesday from her battle with Leukaemia. She was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2010, and although always upbeat and inspiring on her Twitter and Instagram feeds, sadly the disease finally took over her. When I first started to veil myself, I was absolutely clueless on how to wear my hijaab in a way that represented my faith and my own personal style, and she was a huge part to my growth with the hijaab. Mashallah, she was always covered appropriately and did not compromise faith for fashion, as some Hijabi Fashion Bloggers do. Ami had her own Online store called SputnikSweetheart and was one of the original pioneers in bringing Hijab towards the fashion scene. Her style was cool and effortless and to me, it is because of her that some of us can call ourselves “Hijabinista’s” !

Please say Surah Al Fatiha for this sister and include her family members in your duas as well.

Ami Schaheera

Ami Schaheera

Ami Schaheera

Ami Schaheera



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