How Can You Make A Difference ?

I’m going to try my best not to rant on  how sickened I am by all the innocent dead bodies that have been blown up, found under crushed buildings,or shot dead in Gaza. The last time Israel wanted to teach Gaza a ‘lesson’ with their illegal use of Phosphorus, I thought nothing could beat how devastating and merciless that was to the Palestinians, but I was so wrong. They’ve outdone themselves again. Yaay, Israel you’re doing such an amazing job on your stance against the alleged ‘terrorists’. You’ve fired across more than a 1100 bombs in a span of 5 days, for the alleged deaths of 3 Israeli teens that BTW Hamas said they were not responsible for !!! How do we know this wasn’t another tactic from your end to once again crush the spirit of the Palestinians ? Israel has just grown double its size drastically in the last 10 years or less.  I mean, with this rate will there even be a Palestine in the next 5 years ?

It’s pathetic and sad enough that none of the Arab countries have condemned this Holocaust against the Palestinians. But, instead of going on about how useless politicians and governing bodies are against such Tyrants, I totally believe we can make a difference. How ? Spend your well earned money wisely ! You have the power as the buyer to influence Brands and Corporations that support and fund the Israeli Army. I remember in the UAE, when there were verbal attacks against the Prophet Muhammed PBUH in Denmark, all Danish products were shelved from Supermarkets. Imagine if all Muslim nations followed that principle ! That would crush an entire economy. Right Now, Israel’s biggest allies are the US, UK, and Canada. Just as an example, the streets of London are jam packed with Arabs particularly from the GCC during Summer time. If Muslims, were to put their foot down and decide against travelling to the UK for this Eid, can you imagine the impact that would have on the UK’s economy ? Currently Arabs are the biggest spenders,some even bringing their luxury cars on their trips to London. So it’s a no brainer that the effect on the UK market would be highly impactful.

My FB feeds have been blowing up with images of dead bodies pulled out from rubble, videos of fathers losing their sons, children and women screaming in fear, and yes it only takes a second to pass these videos around, but there needs to be some serious change !

As women, we control our households. WE are the CEO’s of our homes and our families. The decision on where and how to spend your  money on household goods is usually left entirely to women. Please take a few extra seconds to look at the labels of goods that you are purchasing. Recently in Tesco’s in the UK, goods such as Olives and dates were being sold from the West Bank. The West Bank are basically illegal Israeli settlements. These are not Palestinian goods and they are not from Palestinian lands ! Therefore purchasing these goods mean that you are directly giving money to the very people that kicked Palestinians out of their homes ! Marks&Spencers stocks Israeli grapes, lychees, figs, plums, dates, fresh herbs, sweet potatoes, potatoes (Maris Piper, Desiree, Jacket, Marfona, and King Edward). Many of these products are imported through Carmel-Agrexco, a company part-owned by the Israeli state. Sainsbury’s stocks Hadiklaim dates labelled ‘Made in West Bank’ and products from Soda Club, which has an office based in the settlement of Ma’leh Adumin.

It’s a well known fact that Howard Shultz, the chairman of Starbucks, is an active Zionist. Starbucks has entered into joint business ventures with Israel and Israeli companies in the past and the company is held in high esteem by Zionist groups, that, together with the company’s record on other issues such as union-busting, it’s enough to consider buying your coffee somewhere else.

Halilit is Israel’s largest manufacturer of Musical toys and instruments and most of their customers include Disney, Toys R Us, Early Learning and Gymboree. Their customer base ranges from independent shops to familiar retailers such as Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Toys R Us and Boots. Their main company Interstar has their main headquarters on Illegal Settlements.

Findings by the Israeli Union of Industrialists have revealed that due to previous attacks on Gaza, one in five Israeli exporters are having difficulty selling abroad due to the boycott. In fact, a lot of them now resort to falsifying the country of origin on Israeli goods. There’s also been international pressure on Israeli goods with certain distributors cancelling their orders with Israeli companies.

Please take time to think about this. Yes we’re praying and making dua for our Brothers and Sisters in Palestine but where you put your money makes a huge difference. Think twice before getting that Frap, sipping that coke, getting that MAC lipstick. These companies help to support and fund the Israeli Govt in their airstrikes, ground operation, and bombings towards innocent civilians. These are the same companies that encourage illegal settlement. Take away their power from them ! You can make a difference.


interstar Tiny love Boycott Israel Products

Boycott Israel Cosmetics that support Israel

I saved the best for last. I know this includes some of your fav cosmetic brands, including mine. I mean, honestly I love Kiehl’s, but I had no idea they supported Israel. Seeing human lives being wrecked and killed doesn’t make my facial oil worth it by any means.


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