The Cure

The Cure

Even as I post this,more as a reminder to myself than to anyone else, I’ve been struggling with my 5 daily prayers recently. The new role of motherhood is definitely keeping me on my toes, while maintaining my online makeup store, plus my regular job as a Makeup artist. When I saw this quote, it got to me. I do feel lost when I’m not in touch with my Creator. I feel incomplete. Faith is not a one way road, there are curves and bends. As Muslims we believe that everything in life is a test of our dedication towards Allah; our actions, our speech, the decisions and choices we make are all a reflection of how ‘Muslim’ we are. Sometimes it comes easy, other days it can be more of a struggle.

I posted this quote to remind myself that this emptiness and confusion can only end with me. Only I can change what’s within  me. I have to take that extra step, I need to push myself further. Today this is my struggle, but it doesn’t have to be my struggle forever.  SubhanAllah, it’s crazy that even when we fall short as Muslims, our hearts try to guide us otherwise. Our conscience is always at the back whispering over and over again that we need to be better, that we should do better. Sometimes the only time we bend down on our knees in prayer is when a calamity strikes, while there’s nothing wrong with that, its constant prayer that helps to ease the pain when calamity does strike.

You and I, we weren’t built to be perfect. Allah knows that being consistent is the hardest part of having good faith. That’s why we’ve been given 5 beautiful reminders every day. Sometimes we forget, sometimes we get lazy, but the endgame is to never lose focus. So as I remind you about the beauty of Salah, I also remind myself first.



  1. samira

    so true, fajr for me is always a problem i have to depend on my mum to wake me up.

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