Getting in touch with the UAE’s roots for the 43rd National Day

December 2nd is a day celebrated in the UAE that signifies the leaders or the UAE coming together as one nation. Living in this country for over 24 odd years or so, this place is officially my home, having never really lived in either Pakistan or the Philippines. Usually my girls and I, will drive around Jumeirah beach road, and watch all the cars that have been decorated with the Sheikh’s faces, flags, and arabic poetry. It really is a sight to see ! You’ve got everything from antique cars to the latest bugattis side by side. It’s the ultimate car fest, some even going out by blinging their cars in swarovski crystals with the UAE colors.

This time round, I wanted to get into the history a little bit deeper and paid a visit to the Heritage Village with my family. There’s a little museum inside and it’s a photographic exhibition of the leaders of the UAE and it’s people.

I found a section dedicated to folklore and the women of this desert and found it strikingly beautiful. I took some pictures that I just fell in love with and wanted to share it with you all.

Heritage village

Burqa on display and gold necklace

Processed with Rookie

Traditional gold jewelry on a young bedouin girl

Processed with Rookie

Traditional head piece jewelry

Processed with Rookie

Anklets and talismans that were worn for protection against evil eye

Seriously I was blown away by the size of this anklet !!!!

Processed with Rookie

Traditional jewelry adornment for Eid

We’re definitely talking about some serious bling here !

This place is definitely not to be missed if you want to get in touch with the roots of this country. We were initially debating between hitting JBR, but I’m so glad I chose a more historical perspective.

Traditional Wind towers behind me


And we then finished this amazing night with some amazing food at the Al Yemen Restaurant in Abu Hail. Succulent oven baked lamb shoulder, and a beautifully rich shrimp curry ! We did it real traditional and sat on the floor just like how ppl did in the old days !

Traditional Mandi




  1. Salamun alaikum.
    This Heritage village is in Shindagha, right?

    1. Yes it’s just before Shindagha tunnel!

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