Death of a Nation

peshawar attacks

I found out about the school attack in Peshawar while having dinner with a few friends and I just couldn’t believe it.  How could anyone be so cruel?? Yes, there are horrifying school shootings in the US that you hear of. But the way, I looked at it, they were still kids, deluded kids with insecurities, that were misguided and lost. These school shooters felt victimized one way or the other, and they’re intent was usually a revengeful one. Now that I look at it, doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference between them. Both had one goal – revenge – payback – hate – blood.

Besides being part Pakistani, I am also a parent. I cannot and would never be able to imagine the trauma and grief that has plagued the affected families. One minute you’ve dropped your kid off, the next you’re looking at a list of names of dead children.

I could spend my time cussing and humiliating these ‘Talibaan’ shooters on this post, but instead I’d rather clarify things to my readers. Do not mistake this as an Islamic attack or an attack with any kind of Islamic agenda. There is nothing, and I mean nothing Islamic about this act of terror.

This is an attack of hate and vengeance. There could be nothing Godly about such an unforgivable act and you don’t have to have an outstanding IQ to be able to differentiate between the two. This school was specifically targeted because all these children had parents that served the Pakistani Army. Who are the Taaliban really ? I don’t have an exact answer, but all I can say is that they are an UN-Islamic Cult dedicated in instilling fear and havoc in the lives of ordinary Muslims. They are on a mission of ruining the tenets of Islam and their ideologies are simply based on hate and cowardice.

The Qur’an has stated over and over again, “Whoever kills an innocent human being it shall be as if he has killed all of mankind” 5:32 . So, all those suicide bombers raising their index finger to say they’re Shahada (declaration of being a Muslim) shouting Allahu Akbar before pointing their rifles at innocent bystanders, we MUSLIMS know what Islam is, and this isn’t ISLAM ! There is no way I would bow down and accept a faith based on hatred and revenge. So please, before you try pointing out how ‘all Muslims are terrorists’  get to know a Muslim first.

Pakistan is a country wrapped in corruption with the worst of leaders. They have failed their people over and over again, and are only consumed with reaping the benefits of their people. They’ve given way too much leeway to the US without defending the interests of their own people, and ofc it is always the innocent struggling families that have to pay the price of the rich and corrupt and this day has come in full force.

I loved this response to David Cameroon’s FB stat on the Peshawar Attacks.


At this moment, if you’re reading this, please say a prayer to these families that have lost an innocent child in this political war of terror. It doesn’t matter who you pray to and how you pray, we are all human and we need to start reminding ourselves that these prejudices are affecting our future – our innocent children.

Peshawar attacks




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