Racist White American Terrorist executes 3 young university students

Now that’s a headline that would never make mainstream news in America and it’s a damn shame !

Anyone that has half a brain knows how one-sided American media is towards us Muslims and Islam. So it’s no shocker that the merciless execution of newly weds Deah Shady Barakat (23) and Yusor Mohammed (21) and her sister Razan Muhammed Abu-Salha (19) barely made American news headlines. I only found out about the Chapel hill Shooting through Instagram, and then managed to catch up on the news and all its details on Al Jazeera !

Here were 3 innocent aspiring students that were gunned down in their homes that weren’t crazy enough to make the headlines – nope that’s a special spot reserved for us ‘Islamist terrorists’ – if that’s the case then fine I’ll accept the American media as being biased and ignorant ( all you have to do is watch Fox news and you’re brain cells will almost instantaneously deteriorate).

But what I cannot tolerate is :

A) The fact that the police and the State are doing everything in their power to NOT consider this heinous act as Hate crime.

2) Almost all coverage on their deaths has reporters talking about a parking lot dispute .

3) The terrorist, Craig Steve Hicks (46), may now actually be labelled as ‘mentally unstable’.

So let me break this down to see if it makes any sense.

Three young Muslim students are executed – shot in the head – in their own home. Not in a parking lot, in their own home ! If that in itself doesn’t say Hate crime all over the damn wall, I don’t know what will.

If this situation was reversed, and it was 3 Jewish Americans that were killed instead, I can bet you a million bucks ppl would be screaming and waving banners of Anti-semitism ! And believe you me, you wouldn’t be hearing about the stupid parking lot issue –  why ?? because it’s irrelevant !!! who even cares ? They were gunned down in their own home. These students weren’t in a drug cartel or part of some dangerous gang. These were positive active members within their community that not only volunteered in humanitarian affiliations but they were also amazing students, family members and friends.

If they were 3 Jewish American students instead, it would’ve made headlines instantly, there would be immediate media uproar, and journalists would frantically be trying to put together all the evidences to link Steve Hicks as an Anti-semite terrorist.

But no, what does the America media and justice system do ? They decide to give him the ‘ mentally ill ‘ slap on the back card. Yup, if you haven’t guessed it, this is a special card reserved specifically to white American men that execute and kill out of hate.  I call it the ‘ just call me crazy’ card and it’s a privilege given to White American men only.

While watching the Janazah ( burial ) and seeing the entire place filled with people,Muslim and non-muslim, I felt sad, really sad, but I also felt proud.

Proud at how amazing these 3 individuals must have been for people from all over to come in prayer and unity.

After all as Muslims we believe that this dunya is only a temporary transition and it is Aakhirah that is the true destination. May Allah bless them, grant them ease into the Afterlife and grant them Jannat-ul firdous.

“Surely we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return” .

Chapel hill Shooting



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