A Playground for Fashionistas & Designers – D3

I headed out to D3 on Thursday 2nd April, the day that had one of the strongest sandstorms. I have never seen Dubai with such brown muggy skies so that just should show you how determined I was to attend D3, and I’m so glad I made it through.

I got there for about 10ish thinking it would be too late, and then when I saw the pile up of cars to the entrance I had a gentle reminder that this is Dubai, and everyone gets everywhere late !

There was a concert already taking place by the time I walked in, and there he was with the most gorgeous rustic voice, a performance by Mr. John Newman himself. Aah, I couldn’t help but stand mesmerized watching him and his group perform, and yes I did pop a few moves.

John Newman Dubai

There were walls filled with street graff, artsy inspirations and even this huge mural of main man, Jimi Hendrix !

Jimi Hendrix Obey

I found this amazing stall with Arabic Calligraphy home furnishings called Silsal Design House. It originates from Jordan where most of their products were first created as one off pieces by women as part of a mission to provide local women with empowerment and financial support. In time, they realized that not everyone could afford the pieces as limited editions as single hand crafted items can be quite costly, so they’ve expanded the quantity in their collections that are also hand crafted in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

silsal design house

silsal design house

Arabic Calligraphy home furnishing

Arabic Calligraphy home furnishing

The entire place was vibrant and so visually exciting. I stumbled upon neon wonderland where this tent and everything in it, from it’s asian inspired cushions and rugs, all glowed in the dark !

Design District Design District Design District

Unfortunately, by the time I finished checking out all the stores, majority of the food trucks were already closing, but I can just imagine how deelish they must’ve been.

Food trucks Dubai

And ofc, this post wouldn’t be complete without a few selfies 🙂

The printed Kimono is a piece of my own. I’ve wanted to start my own fashion line but a million things have come up over the past 3 years ! I’ve decided to get things moving, and a good friend of mine and I are collaborating on a Fashion line and inshallah we aim to launch by October !

Dubai street style fashion

hijab fashion


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