World Art Dubai 2015

Dubai is buzzing with art fever at the moment. We’ve had Comicon, World Art and with the onset of Fashion Forward over the weekend, the art and fashion scene is at it’s adrenalin peak, and I’m loving every single minute of it !

World Art Dubai took place at the DWTC from the 8th to the 11th and it had exhibits of artists from all brushstrokes of this world. Naturally I took like a million pics but I’ve just selected a few from the many that caught my eye. I’ve tried to reference all the artists but if I haven’t you can find out more on

Some of these pieces are exhibited in certain galleries in the Al Serkal Avenue and Al Quoz but most only came down for the event.

Dubai Street Art in action

Everything with Black markers

world art dubai 2015

World Art Dubai 2015

One of my fav Fashion Photographers with Uma Thurman

World Art 2015

Pakistani Art that can also be found in Mussawir Art Gallery in Al Quoz

World Art dubai 2015


A lot of contemporary and emerging art can also be found at the Mussawir Gallery in Al quoz. I absolutely loved the array of expressions on these needle point canvases.

World Art Dubai 2015

Colorful Swirls around the Kaaba


La Illaha ill al Allah

These two pieces on the Kaaba are actually exhibits from the UK but more info can be found on

world art dubai

I don’t know who this is by but it’s absolutely captivating.


World Art Dubai 2015

Iranian Artists represented by MottahedanBarbe´Projects

Miley Cyrus made it to World Art dubai

Miley Cyrus made a guest appearance to WAD

World Art Dubai 2015

White Niqaab

world art dubai 2015

Some much needed gun control

world art dubai 2015

Art b y Francoise Nielly

As a MUA, it’s so visually enthralling to see a mash up of colorful brush strokes determining the contours of the face. These visual artists are geniuses in my books and honestly, I’m one of those ppl that you’d have to drag out of museums, art exhibits and libraries.

IMG_0241 hijabi fashion IMG_0255

I decided that I had to be all bright and colorful for WAD, and I’m finally trying to break away from all the black in my wardrobe so this was definitely a new look for me.

Outfit details:

Kimono/abaya/Jalabeya – I can’t describe what it is, well, I found it in a market stall at Southbridge, and she’s an egyptian designer but I can’t find her details. Her label is called Arabian Princess Designs.

White Maxi Dress is Asos.

Neon Yellow bag is Kate Spade which I bought on one of my NYC trips.

Studded wrist accessories are from these mini stands that I found between Soho and ChinaTown in NYC.


Shoes are Valentino found at Moda House in Jumeirah Plaza.


Street art by @steffi_bow


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