Balesin Island

Being part Filipino you might’ve assumed that I’d have visited the infamous islands like Boracay and Cebu at least once. On the contrary my  visit to the Philippines last month was the first time I actually stepped foot on the creamy white sand beaches that every patriotic Filipino raves about. To top it off, I actually visited one of the most luxurious beachside resorts around the world, Balesin Island, so yes, I was completely over the moon!

It was about a 30 minute plane ride from Manila, and the view from on top was spectacular. I stayed for a day and a half (not long enough you might say) but I cherished every single second of it.

I’ve never seen a sunset so mesmerizing before and it was the much-needed holiday break that my mind, body and soul was craving for.

Balesin Island

The view from on top

My humble abode

All the Blues I need

Balesin Island

White Sand and Blue skies

I could get used to this


That’s actually popcorn rice !



    1. Yes it really was ! Glad you like it !

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