H&M chooses their first Hijabi for their latest campaign

I was so super excited to hear that H&M has picked Mariah Idrissi as their first ever hijabi model for their latest campaign !

Mariah Idrissi
I truly believe that this is a great step towards cultural and religious diversity, especially in a time like now, where there is so much Islamaphobia and anti-sentiment towards women who cover up. Major high 5 to H&M for breaking barriers and understanding that their fashion appeal attracts fashionistas from all faiths, color, age and ethnicities.

I hope other brands will look at H&M’s approach as a model and trendsetter and start opening their doors to more women like Mariah Idrissi.

Mariah Idrissi

She’s also included in H&M’s “Close The Loop” video which aims in encouraging people to recycle their clothes.

The video also includes a group of Sikh men, an amputee model and plus-size models !

Thank you H&M for opening your fashion doors to everyone ! This just makes me want to shop from them even more and that could never be a bad thing 🙂

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