Retreat at Sir Bani Yas Island

I’ve been super swamped with work over the past 2 months and I needed a getaway asap but I couldn’t take more than 2 days off and traveling outside of the UAE wasn’t an option for me so I started doing some research and found a deal on the Anantara hotel at the Sir Bani Yas Island, and I was blown away on their wildlife preservation and sanctuaries.

The drive to the Bani Yas island is quite a trek, almost 4 hours away from Dubai. I only realized while I was driving that I actually could’ve saved myself all the trouble and flown there !

sir baniyas island

Spotted a few ostriches, cheetahs, Arabian Onyx and gazelle on the Wildlife drive.

15C4E132-7A63-4D7A-9285-5F8061230400 024FB1A4-23ED-4E6A-ABE2-7516DF969EAB arabian Onyx Sir Bani yas Island

I’ve lived in the UAE for over 26 years and just like everyone else that lives in Dubai, you get caught up with life, the hustle and bustle, and that grind. Going to Sir Bani Yas Island was everything I needed. My stay could’ve been longer but I was short on time, even so, the desert brought me back to life. There was so much peace and serenity, and it was everything my mind needed to recover and de-stress.



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