It’s been a minute since I’ve written about something personal, and I just wanted to get a few things off of my chest. When I got home Friday night, some of my friends were over my place, and everyone started asking me if I heard about what went down in Paris, and like most of us, if we haven’t checked our Facebook for a few hours, then we’re oblivious with the worlds events.

I was totally clueless about the Paris attacks until my friends starting pulling videos and clips of what took place. The next day or so the news claimed that ISIS or ISIL, or whatever they’re being called these days, took responsibility and ofcourse, the next couple of days, attacks on Muslims and masjids increased around the world. Facebook even started this campaign where you could use the French National Flag as part of your DP as a showcase of solidarity, and naturally thousands took to it. I didn’t.

There’s been hundreds and thousands of tweets, snapchats, vids, of Muslims in the past 72 hours saying #NotinMyName, many who are quoting lines from the Qur’an on how detrimental it is to take away an innocent person’s life and so forth. Everyone’s up in the air, well everyone that’s Muslim at least, proving and shouting, and proclaiming how ISIS/ISIL ( seriously what are these psychopaths really called )  are not Islamic, have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam, how they’re puppets of the U.S govt and Mossad, and all that.

CNN and BCC, let’s not even go there with Fox News, are already interviewing people from the Muslim communities in France and all over, with their usual condescending tone of ‘what are the Muslim community doing to stop terrorism ?’ ‘why are all these Islamists or jihadists always blowing themselves and other people up?’ You get the drill.

So what is it that’s really bugging me right now ?

Well, for starters, just the day before the Paris Attacks, ISIS/ISIL attacked a bustling neighborhood in Beirut, predominantly Shia, where around 43 people were killed.

In April, around 150 Kenyan students were gunned down in one of the worst terrorism attacks by Somali militia, Al Shabab, and last December, 141 lives were lost, 130 of which were students, massacred by the Taliban, in the norther part of Pakistan, Peshawar.

For many of you that don’t realize, Muslim lives are being lost a 100 times more than in any western country by these so-called Muslims. Don’t roll your eyes at me. It’s the truth. The media just focuses on what they consider as ‘lives-worthy’.

These fanatics whether they’re the Taliban, Shabab, IS.mofoShits or whatever they want to call themselves, these freaks that claim to wave the Islamic flag, shout AllahuAkbar before they blow themselves or those around them, are mentally ill, to put it nicely. I can’t even call them people, because that would mean that they’d have to be human, which consists of having a brain and a heart, and they have neither.

So what’s really bugging me ? (I’m getting there, I promise).

Well, first off, as a Muslim, scratch that, as a normal HUMAN BEING, I condemn and I abhor anyone that takes away the rights or the lives of others ! PERIOD.

The scarf on my head, represents nothing, except that I’m a Muslim woman trying, trying to follow the tenets of Modesty that’s been expressed in my faith. I eat, breathe, shit, fart, sleep with a few in betweens like the rest of mankind. I am flawed and full of imperfections, just like everyone else.

However, I should not have to walk around with a banner or a T-shirt, or post a FB stat, incorporate the french flag into my DP or tweet on how I love my religion, and how this is not the Islam I believe in, and that Islam stands for peace. I do not have to prove that I’m not a threat to you when I’m on a plane, crossing the street, buying groceries, shopping at Victoria’s Secret, or waiting for the bus.

I do not represent some sick scumbag’s version of Islam, that may have been paid by God knows who, to act or pretend, that he’s saving us Muslims from the evils of the Western world. Because, believe it or not, his Islam and my Islam, are nothing alike, and that in itself, should shout out a RED Flag ! Atheists might be reading this, and be like, oh yea that’s why I don’t believe in religion, good for you, that’s not my point.

If this scumbag followed the same religion as me, that would mean, that I’m following the same religion as him. And if that truly was the case, then why are all the Muslims out there, wherever we are, not detonating ourselves or those around us, every second ? Because it’s BULLSHIT. These so called ‘extremists’ shouldn’t be thrown into Guantanamo Bay, they need to be shoved into a mental asylum. You can not be normal to think that it’s ok to blow yourself or others up. I don’t care what color you are, what language you speak, how you pray, what you wear, if you have thoughts of blowing yourself up or those around you, you are:

1. Brainwashed. Stupidly brainwashed.

2. Desperately poor with no means of any hope whatsoever, and some dude is coaxing you into believing that he’ll support your entire family for months on end if you carry this one ‘job’.

If you are neither of the above, then you are mentally very very ill and you need more than help.

Isn’t that the case with gun shootings in U.S schools, or when these White extremists go around shooting people in churches because of the color of their skin ? Aren’t they assessed for mental illnesses or excused for having one ? So why are you not questioning the mental capabilities of these murderers, when they so proudly claim that they’re doing the rest of us Muslims a favor by getting rid of western ideologies or principles.

They’re not doing us any favors, they’re not doing us any good. If anything, they have made sure that Muslims around the world, think twice about speaking in their own native tongue (there’s nothing wrong with being bilingual), women that wear the hijaab walk around in constant fear of being attacked and verbally abused, and they have threatened our very existence in all our normal day to day activities. And if you’re the average brown guy with facial hair ( you could be mexican), you’re prone to being attacked by some ignoramus that believes that you’ve come out of Taliban camp. So what all these so called “Islamic terror groups” have created is fear. Fear, not just for the Parisian, but also for the Muslim mother walking her child to school, fear for the cab driver of losing his income because ppl refuse to be driven back home by an Asian man, fear for the young boy that built a clock. All they’ve done is create fear.

So instead of praying for Paris, I pray for humanity. I pray that we look around, and instead of focusing on what sets us apart, we look at what we have in common. The common desire to live in peace, to go to work without constantly looking at our shoulders, to be able to raise our children to be better than we were, to ride back home to our loved ones and make it safe and sound. So from one fellow human being to the other, I pray that you keep an open mind and a gentle heart. I pray that the fears that you carry with you, don’t take away from who and what you are.

I pray for you and I hope you too can save a prayer for me.





  1. Muhammad Farooq

    Amen to that sister!!

  2. very well said, Suphanallah!

    1. Thank you so much ! I’m glad you enjoyed the post !

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