Pop Of Yellow

The weather in the city has been absolutely lovely for the past few days and I wanted to make the most of it by exploring the back streets of Satwa. Trench coats have flooded High street stores and I wanted to make the most of mine during our so called ‘winter’.


I have this thing with floors, old house gates and doors and I found this perfect spot.


I got this grey trench coat at a recent sale at Mango 🙂 Unlike most peeps, we hijabis can get away with wearing our trench coats though out the year – we’ve got the winter look constantly going on. My beige jersey hijab was from a recent hijabhaul at the Naif Market in Deira. I found this small stall with every jersey hijab color possible, and I ransacked all his neutral colors. The printed Peplum top was bought on one my trips to Manila, from the local SM department store. The white pants are from ZARA.


I love incorporating pops of color into my wardrobe so I’ve added those elements into my accessories, shoes and bag. The handbag is Kate Spade, which I bought while I was in NYC last year. I am an absolute Kate Spade fan. I love her accessories and used to obsess over her organizers from way way back in the day so I was ecstatic when she finally started to branch out into bags, shoes and jewelry. IMG_8794

I love accessories and rings and I’m always on the lookout for local finds and independent designer pieces whenever I travel. My ring was from one of my trips to Istanbul. I’m surprised that I don’t leave that city broke. Turkish jewelry takes me back in time, and I feel like I’m in one of the novels from the Arabian Nights. Bracelets are from THE RAMP CROSSINGS, Manila. The Two toned yellow & beige flats are from MATALAN, Dubai.

Hope you all enjoyed this casual semi winter look !

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