Design Days Dubai 2016

The Art scene is Dubai is getting more intense and diverse each year and this year’s Design Days was no disappointment. Design Days is an art fair that consists of workshops, educational seminars, art installations and represents local talent and international artists. 

There was a breathtaking display of jewelry from Van Clef & Arpels and yes I wouldn’t mind walking home with one of those bracelets !

My favourite part of the entire art fair was a display of hand woven carpets that were encompassing words of love and healing in the arabic geometric form, which is actually one of a kind. These carpets take about 3 months for production and the artist, Abdulla Al Awadi from Kuwait, gave me a beautiful intro on the concept behind the carpets. He explained that back in the day, bedouin women would make these carpets by themselves to decorate their new homes when they entered marriage, and a lot of pride was taken into the process of crating them. I guess over time and with technology and wealth entering the regions, women stopped weaving their own carpets and slowly this tradition started to die off. Abdullah wanted to bring this cultural identity back and you can totally feel it when you see his pieces of work. The carpets symbolize arabic calligraphy and words of passionate love and healing. More info on these amazing carpets can be found on

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Words of Healing

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  1. Parul Shah

    i love it…

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