15 Wardrobe Essentials for Spring 2016

Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2016 - Casual Chic
We all want a wardrobe that’s versatile and easy to mix with other outfits, so I’ve put together stable pieces that will not only carry you through Spring but also the rest of the year. 

First staple outfit piece is the Jumpsuit ! Yes, the jumpsuit is the easiest ensemble to put together. Throw on a cape or kimono jacket on top and you’re done ! One tip though, try not to use the loo when you’re wearing one – it’s most definitely a workout trying to remove all those layers and unzipping all the way down !

Kimonos/Capes, these guys are a lifesaver. As a hijabi, these easy throw-ons are one of the best pieces to own, and are great for when you travel. Going for neutral shades in warm browns or beiges create a more casual chic look.

One of the latest trends this season is the FRINGE ! Yes, we’re definitely seeing a 70’s feel this year with floral prints, fringes and jumpsuits. I’ve added a baby pink fringe clutch as an accessory staple piece. I’m not sure I could pull off a pair of fringe jeans or shirt – too wild western for me – so it’s just easier to add it as an accessory instead of clothing. Trends come and go so find pieces that you’re comfortable with, and won’t just lie around your wardrobe.

Talking about accessories, Amethyst Stalactite pendant necklaces are all the rage right now. Opt for longer necklaces so that they are still visible even if you’re wearing your hijab.

Espadrilles is another 70’s influence that have made a comeback this season, and what better than a pair of peep toe wedge platform espadrilles to have in your shoe closet.

Flower power is bigger than ever ! The bigger the floral print the better. You do have to be careful on how you wear bigger prints as they can make you look larger in size. I suggest sticking to floral prints with your accessories such as your hijab. If you do want to incorporate some print into your wardrobe, then layer your printed floral top or dress with a single color trench coat or jacket on top. This will help create a more slimmer silhouette.

It’s vital as a hijabi that you understand the art of layering as it can make or break your outfit. We’ve all seen how much Trench coats have made it this season, so invest in muted shades of pastels. They’re ultra chic and can we worn on top of almost anything. Did anyone say Jackie Onassis ?

Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2016 - Formal


One of my favorite accessory pieces this season is the bucket bag and I am really feeling this Kate Spade ‘Harriet’ leather cross body in mint green. I never thought I’d be a fan of soft mint greens in my wardrobe but I guess it just wouldn’t be Spring without having a shade like this hanging around.
Palazzo pants and wide legged sailor pants are everywhere right now and thank God for that. They’re great for a night out, look super chic plus a very hijabi friendly outfit staple !
Another observation I’ve had with accessories are ankle strapped color block heels. Shoes are getting more rounder and wedge like and less pointed and angular, which is probably a good thing since stilettos are a killer ! Color block heels are all the rage and why not, they’re easier to pair with more outfits !
I was introduced to Linda Farrow eyewear last year at Dubai Design District, and I have been itching to get my hands on a pair. The rounded rose-gold plated cat eye glasses are one of a kind. They have a complete Bond Girl feel to it and just unique in shape.
I’ve learnt over time that it’s easier to rotate your outfits when they are in basic & neutral colors in classic shapes. You can add in uniqueness, individuality and edge through your accessories like eyewear, bags, shoes and jewelry.
Last but least, your wardrobe staples aren’t complete without attention to detail. Keep your makeup classy by sticking to neutral matte shades for your lips and nails. I absolutely love experimenting with Nail art designs when I have that one week off.

What Spring trends have been your favorite this year ?


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