Zareen Shah is Zhijaab

My journey with the hijaab started around 2007, and I’ve never looked back since. What was meant to be another drive to work, actually was a close encounter with death. It was after that, that I simply couldn’t look at life the same way. I knew then, as I do now, that I could never truly appreciate my existence in this world without building a closer relationship with my Creator.

I found a lot of my answers in my life when I made the decision to put on the hijaab. My journey with the hijaab has made me more spiritual and it has become a constant reminder of what I should and should not do. That by no means, makes me the ‘ideal’ Muslimah. I have my own personal struggles that I deal with on a constant basis along with the temptations that I have fallen into and those that I have resisted from.

Nothing in life is Black and White. I am constantly evolving, learning, falling apart, rising, strengthening and softening through my journey in this Dunya.

I decided to start a blog to reach out to those that needed some inspiration, support, and comfort in their journey of wearing the hijaab and the daily struggles that came with it. I also wanted to show that being modest doesn’t have to be boring. I hope that my love for traveling, food, fashion, life and social issues will give you a better perspective into the life of a hijaabi.




  1. Masuma Tijerino

    Mahallah great opening sister. When you wore the hijaab all i i could think about was no i was losing my sister, who am i gna go out with now, all our fun now has to come to stop! i was being selfish. But then the more u spoke about it i admired you courage and thought what a positive outcome of such a tragic event. Never in my wildest dreams i thought i too will be following ur footsteps to become closer to Allah too, like you i love Allah but my exterior never showed it. only a month later i saw death infront of my eyes too and i thought enough is enough life is more the fun games and pleasure… and now same like you i enjoy my 5th year and can look back saying i made a change, a change for the better. Not only did i ‘wake’ from the lving dead but i even got stopped by people saying to me ‘ hey i had no idea u were muslim’ mashallah allah has gifted and guided us both and i am so thankful we had each other during the most crucial times of our lives. I love u very much and i love the LOVE u spread out there, good luck with ur blog babe may allah reap u with nothing but rewards in this world and the next. ameen,

  2. Annika

    Great blog! Love the themes, visuals and advice. Def need to promote your blog more. Get your blog link and info up on pearl daisy. Connect with her and I’m sure we will see some great stuff from you both iA. X


    Check out makeupadikt also.

    1. Hi Annika thanks for the feedback. It’s my 1st blog so I’m still figuring my way around it all. Thanks so much for the info !

  3. That’s great that you are trying to get closer to Allah. Good for you and May Allah protect you from any harm!

    1. Thanks so much Mariam for your kind thoughts. Same to you and ur fam… Ameen

  4. Love your blog!!! ❤ It's just so well organized and fancy! How do you do it??? xoxox! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback…I’m still figuring my way through everything…Glad you like the blog ! 🙂

      1. Really? You seem to know the whole works to me… I’m very new, so I take note of more skilled bloggers. 🙂 Yours definitely caught my attention. xoxoxox!

  5. aasiya

    hi! I have bumped into you a couple of times,, once at the 8th street studio event ( I spoke with your elder sister) and the second time at the head and shoulder event with raya at the palace down town.. (took your picture for a magazine) I love your blog …and I did mention about it to you… Although I forgot to take your contact…would it be possible for you to send me an email so I could contact you when I need some make up artists ( since I am a photographer, constantly looked for hair stylists and make up artists) Also as I mentioned to you and your sister earlier that I am a new Muslim need some appropriate dressing advice… would love it if you could help me with this regard as I plan to start observing the hijab soon. really really would appreciate it if you could provIde some personal shopper services for the first time round and of course do let me know your charges. Thank you. I truly am very inspired by the two of you and all the women out there who observe the hijab . mashallaah.

    1. Hi Aasiya !!! Yes, I def remember you. Please send me an email on: zhijaab@thehijaab.com with your contact details and we’ll take it from there. Inshallah me and my sis can help you find the right style for you when you do decide to put on the hijaab ! 🙂

      1. Aasiya

        Done! 🙂 Thank you so so much!

  6. Amazing story mashalla.. very inspiring.. thanks for sharing

  7. HR

    What a beautiful and touching story! it has really made me think! Mashallah well done to you and inshallah we can all be guided in such a thought provoking manner! Xx

    1. Thanks so much. The hijab was my 1st step…it’s the everyday guidance from God that I continue to seek. Faith doesn’t come in a straight line. I continue to face challenges within myself, but it is these challenges that are a reminder of who I need to be.

  8. Dear Zareen,

    i was just searching for your email adress and ended up reading your story..mashallah, sobhannallah and goosebumps..

    I would love to keep in touch and introduce myself, please feel free to email me.


    Habibah Chbib

    1. Hi Habibah, yes I got your email, my apologies for not getting back. I will email you privately.

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