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It’s been a minute since I’ve written about something personal, and I just wanted to get a few things off of my chest. When I got home Friday night, some of my friends were over my place, and everyone started asking me if I heard about what went down in Paris, and like most of us, if we haven’t checked our Facebook for a few hours, then we’re oblivious with the worlds events. Read more…

Racist White American Terrorist executes 3 young university students

Now that’s a headline that would never make mainstream news in America and it’s a damn shame !

Anyone that has half a brain knows how one-sided American media is towards us Muslims and Islam. So it’s no shocker that the merciless execution of newly weds Deah Shady Barakat (23) and Yusor Mohammed (21) and her sister Razan Muhammed Abu-Salha (19) barely made American news headlines. I only found out about the Chapel hill Shooting through Instagram, and then managed to catch up on the news and all its details on Al Jazeera ! Read more…

Death of a Nation

peshawar attacks

I found out about the school attack in Peshawar while having dinner with a few friends and I just couldn’t believe it.  How could anyone be so cruel?? Yes, there are horrifying school shootings in the US that you hear of. But the way, I looked at it, they were still kids, deluded kids with insecurities, that were misguided and lost. These school shooters felt victimized one way or the other, and they’re intent was usually a revengeful one. Now that I look at it, doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference between them. Both had one goal – revenge – payback – hate – blood. Read more…

The Cure

The Cure

Even as I post this,more as a reminder to myself than to anyone else, I’ve been struggling with my 5 daily prayers recently. The new role of motherhood is definitely keeping me on my toes, while maintaining my online makeup store, plus my regular job as a Makeup artist. When I saw this quote, it got to me. I do feel lost when I’m not in touch with my Creator. I feel incomplete. Faith is not a one way road, there are curves and bends. Read more…

#WhyILeft Reflections on Leaving an Abusive Relationship

This is an absolutely touching story by a former class mate of mine, Rubab Zaidi. Her story inspires those that feel trapped in destructive and abusive relationships that it’s never too early or too late to take a stand for yourself . It may seem like an impossible thing to do at the moment but all it requires is that first step in walking out !

Media Diversified

by Rubab Zaidi

Recently hashtags related to domestic violence were trending on Twitter, #WhyILeft and #WhyIStayed, asking women to come forward with their stories about why they chose to leave or stay in an abusive relationship. I thought it was incredibly brave of people to tell their stories like that – something I have not been able to do, until now. I’ve had a lot to say to the few people who have asked, but I think it’s time to share my story even with those who haven’t asked, especially those women who have gone through, or may still be going through, similar experiences. I know I had no one to help me or guide me, or even to just listen to what I had to say; I had my family of course, but I never got “proper” guidance or support because I just didn’t know it was there.

Rubab Zaidi


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How Can You Make A Difference ?

I’m going to try my best not to rant on  how sickened I am by all the innocent dead bodies that have been blown up, found under crushed buildings,or shot dead in Gaza. The last time Israel wanted to teach Gaza a ‘lesson’ with their illegal use of Phosphorus, I thought nothing could beat how devastating and merciless that was to the Palestinians, but I was so wrong. They’ve outdone themselves again. Yaay, Israel you’re doing such an amazing job on your stance against the alleged ‘terrorists’. You’ve fired across more than a 1100 bombs in a span of 5 days, for the alleged deaths of 3 Israeli teens that BTW Hamas said they were not responsible for !!! Read more…

A Fresh Start

Turning Point

Assalam Alaikum and Ramadan Kareem everyone. Some of us have anxiously waited for this Holy Month to get ourselves ‘grounded’ to the reality of Dunya by indulging our efforts into prayers and readings of the Holy Qur’aan. Some might even try turning a new leaf, moving away from the regular temptations, and many of you might even try fasting for the very first time. Whatever it may be, use this month as a reminder to yourself to ask yourself why you have been placed here.  Read more…


Destiny Quote


Something about this quote by Imam Ali (AS) touched me and it just made me pause and reflect on how deep it is. If there’s anything that life has taught me in these 32 odd years, it’s Sabr (patience). Nothing ever plans out the way you expect it to be. In fact, people and books would always say “life is full of surprises” and it used to always make me wonder. Yes, I am completely aware  that it’s not physically possible to be in control of everything in my life. When you’re in your 20’s you feel invincible and you’re so sure about everything. You reach your 30’s and it feels like everything you were so sure off, you’re not anymore. Read more…

Rest in Peace Ami Schaheera

Inna Allah

I was quite shocked to find out that sister Ami Schaheera from Malaysia passed away last Wednesday from her battle with Leukaemia. She was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2010, and although always upbeat and inspiring on her Twitter and Instagram feeds, sadly the disease finally took over her. When I first started to veil myself, I was absolutely clueless on how to wear my hijaab in a way that represented my faith and my own personal style, and she was a huge part to my growth with the hijaab. Mashallah, she was always covered appropriately and did not compromise faith for fashion, as some Hijabi Fashion Bloggers do. Ami had her own Online store called SputnikSweetheart and was one of the original pioneers in bringing Hijab towards the fashion scene. Her style was cool and effortless and to me, it is because of her that some of us can call ourselves “Hijabinista’s” !

Please say Surah Al Fatiha for this sister and include her family members in your duas as well.

Ami Schaheera Read more…

#Bornhere yet the attacks continue !






Just a few days ago, a friend of mine from Belgium sent me this pic and told me about the #BornHere Campaign that’s been hitting twitter like a thunderstorm. The Moroccan community has been verbally attacked and criticised by the Fascist and Islamaphobe Geert Wilders in his campaign for the Council Elections. People are so quick to slander Muslims as extremists but this guy just tops it off. To sum up his hatred and intolerance for Muslims, Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party of Freedom in the Netherlands, produced the horrific movie called “Fitnah” in 2008 – a film that demoralises the teachings of the Qur’aan and the Status of Muslim Women, and in 2009 he also wanted to introduce a tax on Muslim women that wear the hijab – somehow that tax doesn’t include Orthodox Jewish or Christian head veils – hypocrite much!

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