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The name says it all.

I never met a Taco I didn’t like

A girlfriend of mine was visiting me down from London with her son, and as most of us Dubaian’s do, we take our newcomers over to JBR for some much needed sunshine and R&R. Our kids had a great time at the water park and by the time it hit mid afternoon we were naturally starving.

As we were cautiously deciding on which restaurant to wreck our paychecks at, I noticed Poco Loco. Read more…

Lunch date at Almaz by Momo

It’s been a while since I went to the JBR walk, and I totally forgot how fun and vibrant the place is. The whole walk has been renovated with play areas for kids, beanie bags on the beach, and for all the gymoholics, there’s even a weight lighting podium ! I guess it’s much-needed since the strip has a huge array of mouth-watering restaurants.

My girlfriend and I were craving some Moroccan food and lo and behold we spot the infamous Almaz by MOMO. Read more…

Dinner at Don Alfonso

About a few weeks back (yes it’s taken me a while to finally put this up), I was invited to an amazing 5 course dinner at the Don Alfonso restaurant at the Shangri La, Dubai, with my friend and blogger Zohra from ZizzleBlog.  I’m generally not a fan of Italian food, but this place totally changed my mind, Thank God ! The food was rich but not overwhelming, and everything from the Olive oil that was poured for my Focaccia bread to my juicy lamb rack, was enriching and mouth-watering. Honestly, if it wasn’t a 5 star restaurant I’d be chomping on my lamb rack as if there was no tomorrow, but alas, one has to be somewhat ladylike outside the confines of her home. Read more…