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Casual Sunday – Layering with a Turban

Winter is pretty much done here and it’s really sad to admit it but here in Dubai, we are just about a month or two away from some severe heatstroke months. So before it gets unbearable I wanted to show you all how easy it is to dress up a turban and keep it casual cool by adding a few elements of layering while the weather is still in our favor. Read more…

ESPRIT S/S16 Fashion Show

The ESPRIT S/S16 Fashion Preview recently took place at the Andreaa’s Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, JBR, and simply put everything about the collection was about casual chic. The S/S 16 collection was effortlessly cool and had a definite touch of the 70’s flair put into it.

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Design Days Dubai 2016

The Art scene is Dubai is getting more intense and diverse each year and this year’s Design Days was no disappointment. Design Days is an art fair that consists of workshops, educational seminars, art installations and represents local talent and international artists.  Read more…

Casual Chic :Chiffon Trench Coats and Maxi Skirts

Outerwear is such a huge part of any Hijabi’s closet and with the return of the trench coat, it just adds more depth to the layering process. I managed to find a full length Chiffon Trench Coat in a soft Salmon Peach and is one of my fav pieces for the year. You just can’t go wrong with it.

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Pop Of Yellow

The weather in the city has been absolutely lovely for the past few days and I wanted to make the most of it by exploring the back streets of Satwa. Trench coats have flooded High street stores and I wanted to make the most of mine during our so called ‘winter’. Read more…

A Playground for Fashionistas & Designers – D3

I headed out to D3 on Thursday 2nd April, the day that had one of the strongest sandstorms. I have never seen Dubai with such brown muggy skies so that just should show you how determined I was to attend D3, and I’m so glad I made it through.

I got there for about 10ish thinking it would be too late, and then when I saw the pile up of cars to the entrance I had a gentle reminder that this is Dubai, and everyone gets everywhere late !

There was a concert already taking place by the time I walked in, and there he was with the most gorgeous rustic voice, a performance by Mr. John Newman himself. Read more…

Street culture at Sole DXB

It’s been a while since I’ve gone out and checked out anything that’s hip or happening, yes motherhood does take a toll into one’s social life, but now finally a whole year later of trying to grasp between motherhood, work and balancing somewhat of a social life, I am now finally getting out there ! Yippee for me 🙂

Anyways, a girlfriend randomly mentioned Sole DXB to me, saying that it reminded her of being in NYC, my fav city, and it was full of pop up trunks, great clothes , mostly shoes – think 90’s cool Reeboks, high tops – and tasty food stalls. No, I could not resist and I’m so glad I actually paid a visit !!!!

I dragged my friend, Ms.VintageTeaPotQueen , an awesome T-shirt designer, to SoleDXB which was held at the Design District, and we were welcomed by the hippest hip hop and RnB sounds, a basketball court filled with adrenalin, and the coolest sneakers that instantly brought me back to my childhood.

Sole DXB splatter booth

There was a Splatter Booth ! Yes, you pick a clear white pair of sneakers and an artist splatters paint all over it ! I just thought it was so cool. How often do you see that happening esp in Dxb !??!!? Read more…