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The Rise of the Keffiyeh Print

IMG_9913The Keffiyeh has long been a symbol of the Palestinian struggle and it’s not uncommon to see activists and protestors wrapped and sheathed with the Keffiyeh. More than just a political statement, several designers such as Givenchy, Cecile Copenhagen and Aziz Bekkaoui have integrated the Keffiyeh prints as a fashion statement. Read more…


Casual Chic :Chiffon Trench Coats and Maxi Skirts

Outerwear is such a huge part of any Hijabi’s closet and with the return of the trench coat, it just adds more depth to the layering process. I managed to find a full length Chiffon Trench Coat in a soft Salmon Peach and is one of my fav pieces for the year. You just can’t go wrong with it.

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How To Work That 9 to 5 Style in a Hijaab

Dressing for work can become quite tedious and the last thing you want is to be stressing on what to wear when you’re already short for time.

I’ve put together some of my fav pictures that will hopefully give you some style inspiration. Just because you need to look professional, it doesn’t mean that it your style has to be plain and boring. Sometimes it can get tricky wearing a hijaab, and the easiest thing to do most of the time is to just wrap ourselves with a black hijaab. But with just a few changes, you can totally transform yourself.

Style Hint #101 – If you prefer wearing darker colors for work, lighten up your look by wearing a contrasting hijaab. For e.g a Navy Blue dress/ ensemble looks great with a soft gray hijaab and vice versa.

If your entire outfit is plain and  monotone, by wearing a printed hijaab you instantly add some pattern to your outfit.

A Printed hijaab instantly adds a nice pop to a dark outfit

A Printed hijaab instantly adds a nice pop to a dark outfit


Use contrasting hijabs to lighten up your work attire

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Geek cool VS. Mafia cool


So The Cheesecake factory finally opened up @ DXB mall over Eid, and my crazy friends and I decided to head there. Why do I call them crazy ? Well, anyone that knows Dubai, knows that any opening of any kind, Taco bell to Laduree, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s new, then expect madness and chaos. Believe it or not but we had a 2 and a half hour wait before we could be seated ! Yes, I know, and we still waited. Luckily, H&M was just round the corner, so one part of the problem was solved.

This is how we decided to kill some time:



After our little Geek VS. Mafia escapade, we finally headed back to the Cheesecake Factory. The restaurant, though extremely spacious, was completely packed. I was excited as I’ve been to the one @ Irvine, spectrum in L.A. Needless to say, even after a 2 and half hour wait, they managed to mess up my order of Jamaican chicken & shrimp, which came only with the shrimp and a 15 minute wait to get my plantains ! I guess I’ll just have to hit up the one in the States to get the real deal.



Working my hijaab 2

Once again I’m using a headband that I got from Korea town on my trips to NYC with a white chiffon hijaab. The dress is from the ICONIC store in DCC. ZARA also has dresses in similar styles, where it’s quite long the back but shorter in the front.

Wearing my new limited edition Sam Edelman Shoes from Bloomingdales. I’m so in love with them

The clutch is from Lauren Merkin, I bought it a few years back from Boutique 1. The pearl bracelets are from PRIMARK london, and cost around a £1 or 2 !!! What a steal !

Working my hijaab

Using a plain purple chiffon hijaab with a crusted bow head band I found in NYC in Korea town. Just make sure you use a bonnet before putting on a chiffon hijaab as they tend to slip off quite a lot.

I love accessorizing my outfits with lots of jewelry. Don’t be intimidated by using brighter colored hijaabs with darker plain outfits. It adds an interesting touch to the overall look.

These are Limited edition Sam Edelman shoes that I got for a steal @ the Bloomingdales sale in DXB Mall. I couldn’t believe they actually had a pair left in my size, 5 1/2 ! Yes, I’ve got tiny feet !!!

This dress is one of my fav’s ! It was one of my great finds during the DSF sale – yes I love getting a bargain! It’s a classy black mid length dress that I got from OASIS. I can usually find lots of full length dresses and tops that are modest yet still flattering.