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Casual Chic :Chiffon Trench Coats and Maxi Skirts

Outerwear is such a huge part of any Hijabi’s closet and with the return of the trench coat, it just adds more depth to the layering process. I managed to find a full length Chiffon Trench Coat in a soft Salmon Peach and is one of my fav pieces for the year. You just can’t go wrong with it.

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Weekend Wear :Boyfriend Shirts and White Denim


A little weekend inspiration with that boyfriend shirt that’s lying in your closet.  Read more…

Pop Of Yellow

The weather in the city has been absolutely lovely for the past few days and I wanted to make the most of it by exploring the back streets of Satwa. Trench coats have flooded High street stores and I wanted to make the most of mine during our so called ‘winter’. Read more…

Lunch date at Almaz by Momo

It’s been a while since I went to the JBR walk, and I totally forgot how fun and vibrant the place is. The whole walk has been renovated with play areas for kids, beanie bags on the beach, and for all the gymoholics, there’s even a weight lighting podium ! I guess it’s much-needed since the strip has a huge array of mouth-watering restaurants.

My girlfriend and I were craving some Moroccan food and lo and behold we spot the infamous Almaz by MOMO. Read more…

The Statement Boutique

Hey Everyone,

It’s taken me a while to sit down and get a chance to blog. My life has taken a crazy turn of events over the past year, I’m in the process of opening my Beauty Online store while juggling my job as a Makeup Artist and struggling to getting the hang of being new mom ! Yesssss…it’s been insane but I’m constantly reminding myself to just take one step at a time. Whew !

Anyways I recently met with a chick called Nisha Wagh that’s started an online jewellery boutique “The Statement Boutique” that caters to one-off pieces from around the world, and being the accessories junkie that I am, I naturally had to check it out.

I experimented with the necklaces that she lent me and tried to style them a bit differently.  The one major thing that I loved about The Statement Boutique is that you know that the piece of jewellery around your neck, wrist or ears isn’t your typical mass-produced  accessory found at the mall. These pieces are unique and some of them are sourced all around the world including places like Guatemala and Brazil. I personally just love how exotic it all sounds and that there’s an actual story behind it and not another product ‘made in china’ !

Peach toned sheer necklace

Peach toned sheer necklace

hijabi fashion blogger

Used this as a head-piece

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My journey with the Hijaab with Rukaiya Bhegani

I met Rukaiya a few years back through mutual friends in London. When she stopped down in Dubai for a visit about a year ago, she seemed quite curious about the hijaab, how it affected my life, the reactions I got, how did I go about choosing my fashion style around the hijaab and so forth. Barely a few months later, to my surprise, she changed her FB pics, to her ‘new’ look ! I think that women like her, that make that CHANGE are such an inspiration and had to write on her journey to becoming a hijaabi. It’s not easy to give up a lifestyle or a routine that you’ve been doing for so many years, and to make that leap of change, is admirable. Read more…

Loving my Peplum Jacket

I’ve been obsessed with Peplum jackets for a while now. I bought this beautiful beige peplum jacket on one of my trips to Istanbul. The long brown maxi skirt, I found at a market place in Manila called, Green Hills. It’s shopping paradise for any fashionista and the prices are a steal ! What more can a girl ask for ? The beige ballerinas were also another great find at a local market stall in Manila. I guess that’s why I travel a lot , simply to shop and find lovely goodies !