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The Rise of the Keffiyeh Print

IMG_9913The Keffiyeh has long been a symbol of the Palestinian struggle and it’s not uncommon to see activists and protestors wrapped and sheathed with the Keffiyeh. More than just a political statement, several designers such as Givenchy, Cecile Copenhagen and Aziz Bekkaoui have integrated the Keffiyeh prints as a fashion statement. Read more…

A time to stand up – 2011

A time to stand up - 2011
A time to stand up – 2011 by zhijaab featuring scarves

With all the hype of New year’s eve on where to go, what to do, who to hang with, it got me thinking of how much has happened over the past year; what I’ve learnt, seen, heard, read, watched, and all the experiences and emotions that came along with it. Read more…