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A need for change

I was brimming with excitement when I made my first trip to London around 8 years ago. I couldn’t wait to shop, see the museums and just absorb the feel of London’s streets and its fashion culture. I was quite surprised seeing a lot of Muslim women covered in their jilbabs and some even in the niqaab. I wasn’t a hijaabi then and Islam, unfortunately wasn’t embedded in my lifestyle. I remember seeing two Muslim brothers giving away CD’s on Islam to passerby’s trying to give Dawah and a better understanding of Islam. I approached them to ask them questions on the CD’s and they said they were free for non-muslims. I informed them that I was a Muslim and I wanted to purchase a few of them for myself. Their reactions totally shifted. “A Muslim woman, and you dress like that?” one of them snorted. I was taken back and shocked. Read more…

Working my hijaab 2

Once again I’m using a headband that I got from Korea town on my trips to NYC with a white chiffon hijaab. The dress is from the ICONIC store in DCC. ZARA also has dresses in similar styles, where it’s quite long the back but shorter in the front.

Wearing my new limited edition Sam Edelman Shoes from Bloomingdales. I’m so in love with them

The clutch is from Lauren Merkin, I bought it a few years back from Boutique 1. The pearl bracelets are from PRIMARK london, and cost around a £1 or 2 !!! What a steal !

What way is the right way ?!?

Ok, first off before I even start this article, I believe that every one has a personal relationship with God and no one, NO ONE, has the right to judge you. Our weakest point as human beings, is the ability to point out another individual’s flaws almost instantly – we do ‘judge a book by its cover’ before we even open it. No one is perfect and before your tongue starts swaging with criticism and complaint, look and judge yourself first !

I put on the hijaab for many reasons – one being, that I wanted to feel and be closer to my Creator. And with that, I wanted to cleanse and purify my lifestyle and putting the hijaab on, was one of the ways of getting right on track. For those that may or may not know, the hijaab, doesn’t just mean an extra piece of clothing on your head – it’s a lifestyle and it’s definitely an attitude. It’s about incorporating a sense of modesty in your every day routine. My closet has gone through many transformations of its own. It’s filled with cardigans in various colors and textures for all those quarter length sleeved tops and dresses. I always scrutinize myself right before I leave the house to make sure I’m adhering to the principles of the “hijaab”. If your creative enough, you know that there are millions of ways of looking cool and sassy yet “islamically respectable” or “acceptable” – whichever way you look at it. Read more…