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Working my hijaab 2

Once again I’m using a headband that I got from Korea town on my trips to NYC with a white chiffon hijaab. The dress is from the ICONIC store in DCC. ZARA also has dresses in similar styles, where it’s quite long the back but shorter in the front.

Wearing my new limited edition Sam Edelman Shoes from Bloomingdales. I’m so in love with them

The clutch is from Lauren Merkin, I bought it a few years back from Boutique 1. The pearl bracelets are from PRIMARK london, and cost around a £1 or 2 !!! What a steal !

Working my hijaab

Using a plain purple chiffon hijaab with a crusted bow head band I found in NYC in Korea town. Just make sure you use a bonnet before putting on a chiffon hijaab as they tend to slip off quite a lot.

I love accessorizing my outfits with lots of jewelry. Don’t be intimidated by using brighter colored hijaabs with darker plain outfits. It adds an interesting touch to the overall look.

These are Limited edition Sam Edelman shoes that I got for a steal @ the Bloomingdales sale in DXB Mall. I couldn’t believe they actually had a pair left in my size, 5 1/2 ! Yes, I’ve got tiny feet !!!

This dress is one of my fav’s ! It was one of my great finds during the DSF sale – yes I love getting a bargain! It’s a classy black mid length dress that I got from OASIS. I can usually find lots of full length dresses and tops that are modest yet still flattering.

Taking the 1st step

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If you’ve never worn the hijaab before, and have been contemplating it for a while, the 1st step might seem quite daunting, even a bit intimidating. I won’t lie to you and say it isn’t. It is ! But there’s nothing more powering than being a walking billboard for what you believe in. To the average nobody, that scarf might seem like an extra piece of cloth on your head. In reality, that cloth on your head, is almost the least significant thing. Because putting on the hijaab, and forsaking your beauty – your hair, the shape of your hips, the curve of your waist – means that you’ve stepped up your “imaan” game. It’s no longer about you, its about HIM -Allah (SWT). And to me, there’s nothing more beautiful, than a woman veiling herself to be closer to her Creator. Read more…