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F&F Ramadan Collection

Quite a few Fashion brands are jumping on the Ramadan bandwagon which, in my opinion, is about time, especially for the Middle East and South East Asia. Ramadan is a month that celebrates spirituality and it’s also a month that encourages togetherness so it’s only natural that most evenings are spent with family and loved ones, if not in prayer then eating out ! So what better reason does one need than looking the part for all those Iftar dinners and family gatherings ?

I recently discovered a trend setting British brand here in the UAE called F&F, where they have about 9 stores spread across the Emirates. I paid them a visit a few days back and decided to play around with their Ramadan collection ( yes, you can officially accuse me of being a Shopaholic ! ). Read more…


Turban with a Bow

How to update your turban with a bow !!!! Don’t be shy to send us pics if you’ve personally tried this out !!!

Changing beliefs

Since 9/11, Islam and its followers have been scrutinized under a microscope whether for positive or negative reasons (mostly the latter part), by the West and the media all over. In fact, over the past 5 years or so, Muslim women in particular have come under fire for their choice of clothing. Many endless debates emerged between Muslim women debating on the pro’s and cons of the hijaab. Muslim women that didn’t wear the hijaab claimed that it wasn’t mandatory  and unnecessary while women in niqaabs (face veil) had to persuade, and explain their reasons for wearing it.  Read more…

Playing Aloud

Playing Aloud

McQ by Alexander McQueen black blazer
$625 – stylebop.com

Roksanda Ilincic long maxi skirt
£770 – brownsfashion.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors strappy heels
$175 – neimanmarcus.com

Alexander McQueen leather handbag
$1,642 – ssense.com

Effy Collection ring
$1,590 – lordandtaylor.com

Barry M Lip Paint
$4.55 – asos.com