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Inspired by American Hustle

hijabi fashion style

Here I am , pretending not to pose, while actually posing ūüėõ

I hardly take pics of myself, but my girlies were totally¬†digging my outfit for our Girl’s night out at Caramel, DIFC ,so it was the perfect photo opportunity to post on my blog – and yes, I’ve been slightly MIA, I truly do apologize.
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Loving my Peplum Jacket

I’ve been obsessed with Peplum jackets for a while now. I bought this beautiful beige peplum jacket on one of my trips to Istanbul. The long brown maxi skirt, I found at a market place in Manila called, Green Hills. It’s shopping paradise for any fashionista and the prices are a steal ! What more can a girl ask for ? The beige ballerinas were also another great find at a local market stall in Manila. I guess that’s why I travel a lot , simply to shop and find lovely goodies !

One Step at a time

Read this article yesterday in our local newspaper, The National, and was surprised that even in a country with one of the strongest Muslim populations, Egypt, actually had a ban on female presenters wearing the hijab ! As today is World Hijab Day, I just wanted to give a big salute to all the Muslim women that are struggling with their decision to wear a hijab, and for those against all odds who have put it on, and still have to face obstacles and struggles within their communities, work and social circles.

Even women that do wear the hijaab in Muslim countries do face criticism and skepticism in certain areas of employment, so for all the hijabi sisters in Western countries, please know that you are not alone. Yes, we are the ones pulled aside for security checks at the airport, and yes, we’ve all been asked if we ‘feel hot’ with it on, but this is a personal struggle between us and our obligations as a Muslim woman. This is our jihad.

I won’t deny and say I haven’t had one of those days where every now and then I just want to walk out my door, where like a Pantene advert, I’m swishing and swaying my hair out. Keeping our hair and our body covered can sometimes be difficult especially when everywhere you go, there’s not one form of media that shows a beautiful hijabi. But, that’s just a thought, a tiny thought, and as soon as I start to wrap my face with that cloth that signifies me as a Muslimah, I see my true beauty from within. And there’s no media, no magazine, no TV show, that can give me the peace that I have within, knowing that I am representing a beautiful religion, and that this personal sacrifice, isn’t really a sacrifice, if all it does is bring me closer to my Creator.

Keep your head up, stand tall, and wear that hijaab proudly ! Happy World Hijab Day !

Working My Hijaab 3 – Turkish Inspired

I wanted to try something new and have been really inspired by the way Turkish women wear their hijaab. I just halved my Gai Mattiolo hijaab, wrapped it around my neck twice and softly tied a knot at the back. Pretty easy and a more relaxed look. I’m also wearing my favorite peplum jacket that I bought in Turkey ¬†from Taksim square. Hope you ladies enjoy it !

A touch of Spice

A touch of Spice

No sleeve shirt

Windsmoor draped top

Floor length skirt

Dooney Bourke leather bag

Oasis tiger eye jewelry

Miss Selfridge wooden jewelry

Elizabeth cole jewelry

Givenchy silk chiffon scarve

Weston Scarves wrap scarve

Working my hijaab 2

Once again I’m using a headband that I got from Korea town on my trips to NYC with a white chiffon hijaab. The dress is from the ICONIC store in DCC. ZARA also has dresses in similar styles, where it’s quite long the back but shorter in the front.

Wearing my new limited edition Sam Edelman Shoes from Bloomingdales. I’m so in love with them

The clutch is from Lauren Merkin, I bought it a few years back from Boutique 1. The pearl bracelets are from PRIMARK london, and cost around a £1 or 2 !!! What a steal !

Taking the 1st step

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If you’ve never worn the hijaab before, and have been contemplating it for a while, the 1st step might seem quite daunting, even a bit intimidating. I won’t lie to you and say it isn’t. It is ! But there’s nothing more powering than being a walking billboard for what you believe in. To the average nobody, that scarf might seem like an extra piece of cloth on your head. In reality, that cloth on your head, is almost the least significant thing. Because putting on the hijaab, and forsaking your beauty – your hair, the shape of your hips, the curve of your waist – means that you’ve stepped up your “imaan” game. It’s no longer about you, its about HIM -Allah (SWT). And to me, there’s nothing more beautiful, than a woman veiling herself to be closer to her Creator. Read more…