F&F Ramadan Collection

Quite a few Fashion brands are jumping on the Ramadan bandwagon which, in my opinion, is about time, especially for the Middle East and South East Asia. Ramadan is a month that celebrates spirituality and it’s also a month that encourages togetherness so it’s only natural that most evenings are spent with family and loved ones, if not in prayer then eating out ! So what better reason does one need than looking the part for all those Iftar dinners and family gatherings ?

I recently discovered a trend setting British brand here in the UAE called F&F, where they have about 9 stores spread across the Emirates. I paid them a visit a few days back and decided to play around with their Ramadan collection ( yes, you can officially accuse me of being a Shopaholic ! ).

I spent a few hours at the F&F branch in Oasis Centre and loved how spacious and airy their fitting rooms were, so yeaaah I grabbed as many clothes as I could and decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a photo op session.

Here I’ve created 4 trend outfits that are perfect for Ramadan and great staples for your wardrobe.


Processed with VSCO with 7 preset

Denim Jacket 119AED, Floral Pants 105AED, Green Cami Top 75AED

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Processed with VSCO with 7 preset

Orange/Red Handbag 105AED, Bracelets 10AED

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Nude Sandal Shoes 105AED


Florals are really big right now and I think it’s great to have one printed statement piece and then tone it down with more neutral colors. I picked these wide flared floral pants as they managed to make me seem a little taller than my usual 5’2 self. I paired this with a pine green sleeveless Cami top and added texture with a denim jacket. A good denim jacket goes a long way and is great to throw on top of maxi dresses and skirts.

F&F Ramadan CollectionF&F Dubai

This is the 2nd outfit I put together which is the perfect get up for an outdoor event or a night out with the girlies. We’ve all seen a comeback of whites and neutrals that have hit the Runway and is a huge S/S16 trend. Honestly, now that I’ve started to incorporate more basic colors into my wardrobe, I don’t know why I didn’t start earlier !

F&F Accessories

Glitter Clutch 69AED, Bracelet Accessories 10AED

I am obsessed with the lace details on this top, it adds a touch of chic into the entire ensemble. This outfit embodies a simple yet elegant flair but because I didn’t want it to be too formal, I softened it by layering it with a white ruched sleeve jacket. This neutral outfit works seamlessly with a clutch and minimal accessories, and would look great for a work date as well.


Ramadan Fashion Dubai

Turban Scarf 39AED, Orange Lace Blouse 105AED, White Ruched Jacket 175AED

If you haven’t already heard, Orange is the new Black ! No, for reals, ladies. You are going to be seeing this color pop up everywhere, and maybe it has something to do with Summer and being refreshing but it is here to stay, atleast till next season ! I love color and definitely not afraid to have colors like this in my closet. But if you don’t have that wild card on you yet, you can still play safe by layering and mixing neutral elements. I broke down the brightness of this lovely Orange lace top with a pair of grey Culottes ( I wrote about Culottes in my previous post) and a white jacket. Here you have a look that is welcoming and refreshing in this blistering heat, and adds a touch of pizazz. I teamed this look with a printed butterfly scarf that I wrapped around as a turban to give this a more urban vibe. Navy blue handbags always look so refined and they look great with a pair of white or grey pants.

Dubai fashion F&F

F&F Dubai fashion

Grey Culotte Trouser 119AED, Navy Blue Handbag 105AED, Orange Open Toe Heels 105AED

Lastly, and I definitely saved one of my favorite trends for the very end – Sleeveless Waistcoats, and yes it’s in a burnt Orange shade 🙂F&F Fashion UAE

F&F Fashion UAE

Rustic Brown Waistcoat Jacket 175AED, Cream long sleeve top 95AED

Oranges and blues make such a sizzling combo, and I had so much fun layering this outfit with a sleeveless waistcoat. The beige high waisted pants are an absolute must-have if you come anywhere within the 5feet – 5’4 height range. I was never a fan of high waisted pants until I saw how much taller I could look in them ! And hey, I’m well proud of my height but adding a few inches vertically never hurt nobody.

F&F Clothing

Color Block Tote 139AED , Asymmetric Peep Toe 89AED

F&F clothing

Long sleeveless waistcoats have flooded high street stores, and F&F is no different. They have a variety of sleeveless waistcoats in different colors and textures and they make layering so much fun. I teamed this outfit with a textured long sleeved cream blouse, and camel beige high waisted pants. The great thing about sleeveless waistcoats is that you can experiment and play around with the tops you wear underneath. I opted for a neutral cream top but don’t be afraid to mix and match your waistcoats with polka dot tops and horizontal prints. Long waistcoats look great with a travel tote handbag and really exudes the “I’m ready to get on my jet-plane” look.

You don’t have to break the bank in order to look stylish or trendy and F&F is a clothing brand that caters to all. I’m all up for brands that still give me room to pay the rent at the end of the month !

If you’ve never been to an F&F store, they have a great selection of clothes for women, young teens, children and menswear. And if you’re an accessories junkie like me, you’ll have a hard time leaving with just a handful !

In Dubai, you can find F&F in Oasis Centre 04 338 9075 and in Al Ghurair Centre 04 348 1611, and in Sharjah they are located in Al Qassimia 06 539 1859. Abu Dhabi peeps are lucky to find F&F in 4 locations Yas Mall 02 565 0389, The World Trade Center 02 626 4205, Dalma Mall 02 447 8324, Bawabat Al Sharq Mall 02 586 4234 and Khalidiyah Mall 02 447 6143. F&F is also available in RAK at the Al Hamra Mall 07 243 8448 and Al Naeem Mall 07 226 7227.

F&F has over 1800 stores worldwide, and funny enough I’ve already spotted a few here in Manila !

For those on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram you can find F&F on @FandFClothing.

Pay them a visit at your closest branch and please don’t be shy to share your thoughts and experiences with me. If you’ve found a great piece of clothing or accessories, I’d love to see how you’ve paired them up !



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